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Agility is one of the complex physical attributes, as it includes many other physical attributes such as balance, accuracy, speed, strength and motor compatibility.
Benefits of sport
Prevention of heart disease and stroke, and regular exercise strengthens the heart muscle


The opponent in the street will try to hit you in a sudden way without you noticing, the element of surprise is important at the beginning of the fight, and often before the fighting, even a short dialogue takes place between the two parties, so you are surprised by a punch that drops you to the ground without paying attention, and the first reason for your failure is that you were taken by surprise, and you did not expect what It happened, so you must stand with one foot forward and one foot backward in a ready manner, to fall back with your weight on the back foot if the opponent attacks you, and to gain dodge speed, if he does not punch you you will only talk, but if he tries to punch you you will fall back lightly.

Abdominal Exercises

The abdominal muscles (or stomach) are considered part of the middle muscles (in English: Core Muscles) and they are important not only to give an attractive view, but to balance the body and strength, as there is no physical effort, whether it comes from exercises or daily activities using the muscles of the middle, which consists From the muscles of the stomach, the lower back, and the muscles of the flanks, and if there is a weakness in any of these muscles, this will lead to injuries in the body and great pressure on the bones and joints.[1] Tightening the abdominal muscles is one of the things that most young men of both sexes desire, and that Because that area gives strength to the body and an increase in moderation of appearance, and of course there are many factors that prevent the appearance of tight abdominal muscles in most people, but with a little effort and in a short period, these muscles can be exercised to appear better and over a long period