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Banana diet

 Banana diet

Banana-based diet for weight loss recommends the exclusive consumption of bananas in the first part of the day, before lunch. Far from mono-diets that prohibit the consumption of all other foods, this diet provides a relatively balanced meal structure while promising rapid weight loss.

Banana diet features:

All you can eat banana breakfast

Classic lunch and dinner

Possibility to include snacks

Losing 2 to 3 kilograms per week

Low risk of undernourishment

Basic principles and definition of the banana diet

The banana-based diet is a relatively recent method invented by Japanese pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe. This method follows the principle of monodiet and promotes banana consumption in order to lose weight quickly.

How does the banana diet work to lose weight?

The banana diet consists of eating bananas only in the first part of the day, i.e. before the midday meal. At breakfast and as a snack in the morning, bananas can then be eaten to taste and until satiety.

To follow the banana diet, you have to follow some rules:

Bananas should be the only food eaten before lunch

You can eat it cooked or raw, but without adding sugar or fat

It is necessary to drink water at room temperature throughout the day

No eating after eight in the evening.

Lunch and dinner are still classics. Be careful, however, it should be balanced and consumed only until satiety.

How do you make banana yogurt diet lose weight?

A banana-based diet promises weight loss of 2 to 3 kg per week. The lipase present in bananas will enhance fat burning and facilitate the loss of extra kilos. In addition, replacing often fatty and sugary breakfast products (cereals, pastries, cakes, etc.) with fruits and water significantly reduces the number of calories consumed in the first part of the day.

As a result, a banana diet can help create a negative energy balance and initiate significant weight loss. Once the body consumes fewer calories than it uses at work, weight loss occurs. On this great principle this system seems to exist.

Finally, bananas are a fruit rich in relatively saturated starch. It's rare for you to want or need to eat five bananas at once. Finally, since feeling full requires fewer bananas, the calorie intake is lower.

How long does a banana diet last?

The Banana Diet is a fast food diet that usually lasts between 3 and 12 days. However, there are many variants of integrating 3 days of the banana diet a week, or following it in the long term.

Foods allowed and prohibited in the banana diet

In this diet, certain foods should be eaten daily for lunch and dinner, and others should be limited to promoting weight loss:

favorite foods







legume eggs

Whole-grain tofu, whole-grain bread, steaming, low-fat preparations, water and herbal tea

foods to reduce

Red meat


refined grains

white bread

Dairy products

Dishes in sauces

Sugar and sweet products

Pastries, pastries and biscuits

industrial products

Ready Meals

A quick

Butter, cream and fatty products Beverages

Carbonated and industrial fruit juices, salt


Banana diet: diet program and standard menu

Model List

Before noon, bananas, as desired

water at room temperature

Midday grilled chicken, tomato, asparagus and quinoa salad

Soy milk, lemon and mint sauce

seasonal fruits


Handful of seasonal fruit seeds

Late day tomato and pepper glazed soup

With white fish and vegetables, julienne

brown rice and

soy milk

Pros and cons

Positive points of the banana-based diet for weight loss

Boost your consumption of bananas, which are rich in fibre, B vitamins and potassium

Limit snacking and consumption of sugary products at breakfast

The feeling of satiety that bananas bring

Relatively varied and balanced meals

Low risk of deficiency

Compatible with a satisfying social life

Lose weight

Easy to put in place

Suitable for all budgets

Negative points of the banana diet

It can lead to transit disorders

monotonous and boring in the long run

Risk of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia in people at risk

Risk of regaining weight when stopping the diet

Is this a diet for you?

Why not, if you want to lose weight relatively easily while maintaining the classic meal structure. A banana-based diet seems to allow you to lose weight while eating everything and respecting your hunger, which is a very important point. This diet will be easier to follow if you are not a big morning eater and if you do not have certain habits regarding this first meal of the day.

Is it a diet compatible with sports?

The Banana Diet doesn't necessarily focus on exercise. The method recommends that you only engage in physical activity when you feel the urge to do so. For my part, I recommend maintaining a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day during this diet. Physical activity helps prevent muscle wasting, regulate appetite, and support weight loss and a sense of psychological and physical well-being.

How not to regain weight? What do you expect before/after?

The banana diet promises significant weight loss in a short time. It is for this reason that the scales are fragile and weight regains are so frequent. To avoid regaining lost weight in this way, it is recommended not to reincorporate bad eating habits after diet and breakfast time. Instead of croissants or sugary cereals, it is preferable to eat fruit, dairy products and a little wholemeal bread.

Dietitian advice on the banana diet

Contrary to what one might think, the banana diet is not just about eating bananas throughout the day. Lunch and dinner are well-balanced and well-organised meals. This diet is not particularly low in calories and all food categories have their place. In addition, and this is a very important point, the method recommends listening to the sensation of food (hunger and satiety) to know when to eat and

 when to stop. Except in special cases, it is not dangerous to eat breakfast on a banana basis only if other meals are complete and balanced. On the other hand, physical activity is a missing point in this diet. In my opinion, nothing beats a varied diet and regular exercise. but,


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