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Yoga for weight loss: 10 postures to burn maximum calories

Yoga for weight loss: 10 postures to burn maximum calories

Twisting poses, inversion poses, muscle strengthening… Yoga can be very effective in maintaining your endurance! Discover the best yoga poses to perform to burn maximum calories.

By introducing work on breathing, by grooming the muscles of the upper body as well as the lower body, by helping to modify one's lifestyle, by chasing stress, yoga is an interesting physical activity to improve the image of a person, and even why not, lose a few pounds. Follow the guide, yoga teacher Lori Dare tells us about the types of yoga and the postures to do to improve its benefits.

Breathing, postures, lifestyle... Yoga to maintain a beautiful figure

Practicing yoga regularly is totally beneficial for maintaining a beautiful figure, as Laure Dare reminds us. This physical activity will help on several levels:

Yoga helps reduce stress

Doing yoga regularly lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone, the hormone that causes fat cells to be produced and promotes storage!). Thus, by performing yoga postures, “we store less and we nibble less, which will effectively allow us to quickly lose excess pounds! The yoga teacher explains.

Yoga helps tone and stretch the body

Standing, sitting, lying down... Thanks to the sequence of different yoga postures, we will strengthen and stretch the upper body as well as the lower body. Regular practice, (always associated with a healthy lifestyle!), keeps legs light and slender. The back is flatter, the stomach is flat and the arms are thinner... Yes, yoga helps maintain a beautiful figure!

Yoga works on the breath

Breathing is an integral part of the 'detoxification' process... By breathing fully and using breathing techniques such as 'Nauli' or 'Uddiyana Bandha', we activate the digestive and lymphatic systems, allowing the body to 'puff up' quickly, as Laure Dari tells us. So combine yoga poses and breathing exercises, and you have the winning combination to keep your body strong and healthy!

Yoga changes the lifestyle

When we talk about yoga, we tend to focus on the postures, but the practice of yoga does not stop at the mat, it is in fact a real art of living. By practicing yoga, in fact, you quickly adopt a better lifestyle: you reconnect with your body, rediscover the sensations, take the time to live, but also discover the pleasure of eating consciously.

"A lot of times, this practice invites us to turn to raw, healthy and fresh food products. Although of course we can keep our little moments of happiness from time to time... it's a question of balance! " , notes the yoga teacher.

Yoga for weight loss: which one to choose?

Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, yoga... There are many yoga practices, each with their own benefits for body and mind.

In order to spend more calories, certain yoga practices are to be preferred, specifies Laure Dare, because they make it possible to chain movements quickly. Vinyasa or Warrior yoga are examples of exercises you should resort to if you especially want to tone your muscles and sweat!

To expend more calories, you can resort to Bikram yoga, also called hot yoga: the postures are performed in a heated room, which will activate perspiration, allowing you to detoxify more quickly.

Yoga: How to burn the most calories possible during a session?

If you can tolerate it, you can do yoga on an empty stomach, so your body can rely on fat during the session, explains Laure Dare.

Finally, and perhaps the most valuable advice, always remember to practice it mindfully, that is, focusing on your feelings, in the moment you are living, not thinking about the consequences, but only by taking advantage... “This state of mind changes everything! Confirmed yoga teacher.


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