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Why does a high-fiber diet help you lose weight?

 Why does a high-fiber diet help you lose weight?

"To lose weight, you have to eat fiber!" ": This is a statement we often hear. But, concretely, how does fiber help us lose weight? We asked Raphaël Gruman, a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

The first thing to know: There are two types of fiber. Les fibres solubles se dissolvent dans l'eau : on les retrouve notamment dans l'avoine, l'orge, les oranges, les haricots secs, les lentilles... water. The latter is especially present in wheat bran, whole wheat bread, wholegrain...

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The first role of soluble fiber is to regulate blood sugar, that is, the level of sugar in the blood. "When you eat carbohydrates, the body absorbs them, which increases blood sugar," explains Raphael Grumman, MD, a dietitian and nutritionist. This increase leads to the production of insulin, a hormone whose role is specifically to store excess sugar as fat in specialized cells. The result: we grow. »

And this is where soluble fiber comes in: by “slowing down” the absorption of carbohydrates, they limit the rise in blood sugar, which makes it possible to avoid insulin interference ... and thus prevent the storage of fat in adipocytes.

Dietary fiber, essential for weight loss ... and maintaining thinness

In the stomach, insoluble fiber behaves like a sponge: it swells and ... takes up space. Raphael Grumman explains: "Noting that the stomach is full, the brain will send a signal of satiety. The result: we have the impression that we have eaten enough!"

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What sources of fiber should be preferred for weight loss? “Pulses (lentils, white beans, red kidney beans, broad beans, quinoa, etc.) are very interesting because they contain a good balance of soluble/insoluble fiber,” the specialist advises. Otherwise, whole wheat bread is also a good choice. It is easy to adopt daily.

For satiation with fiber, also consider exotic fruits! Thus, 100 grams of jackfruit (or jackfruit) covers 11% of the recommended daily intake.

Fiber, how often? "You need a source of fiber for every meal," says Raphael Grumman. Example ? A slice of wholemeal bread for breakfast, then beans for lunch (quinoa salad, why not?), a handful of almonds for a snack, and steamed vegetables for dinner.


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