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What kind of bread do you choose when caring for your handwriting?

 What kind of bread do you choose when caring for your handwriting?

White baguette, tradition, seed bread, sandwich bread... Sometimes it's hard to know which bread to choose when you want to lose weight. Florence Waxin, a registered dietitian, provides an update on the different types of bread and gives her advice.

“When you want to lose weight, you have to exclude bread from your diet.” I've heard this statement before. However, such an idea received! And for good reason: it all depends on the type of bread chosen, the way we eat it, but also on the amount consumed. White baguette, tradition, cereal bread, sandwich bread... How do you make the right choices when you pay attention to your personality? An overview of the different types of bread and their specifics with a dietitian.

classic stick

The classic baguette is made of white flour, water and salt, and therefore contains complex or slow carbohydrates. This baguette contains approximately 287 calories per 100 grams. Since it has very little fiber, it is not very satiating and we tend to eat it in larger quantities, which affects the streak. Another problem: it contains additives that have an effect on health in the long run, because it is the cumulative and quantitative aspect that makes food harmful.

traditional baguette

The traditional baguette is also made from wheat flour, water and salt. However, the quality of the flour is regulated, which makes it better nutritionally. It also has other properties: it does not contain additives, it must be made on site and it must not be frozen. If this baguette remains less nutritionally interesting than, say, seed bread, it should be preferred over the classic baguette.

the bread

Sliced ​​bread is rich in carbohydrates, not only complex but also simple or quick. In 100 grams of sandwich bread, there are 52 grams of carbohydrates, of which 8 grams are simple sugar, which means it contains added sugar. It also contains 3.6 grams of fat, and therefore contains fat. Because it's soft, the sandwich is pre-chewed and thus digested very quickly, which means it's less satisfying than other types of bread. And for good reason: They have a crust that brings texture and chewiness. Therefore, contagious labor is longer. Not only is sandwich bread more calories than other types of bread, but it's much less satisfying.

traditional baguette with seeds

The traditional baguette, also known as "Tradigraine," is made from flax, millet, poppy, sunflower or sesame seeds. It is rich in fiber and omega-3 in particular, which makes it interesting from a nutritional point of view because fiber promotes satiety and omega-3 has many health benefits.

Oily Fruit Bread

Fatty fruits like walnuts or hazelnuts are sources of good fats, but they are also high in calories. Therefore, it is recommended to eat it regularly while limiting the quantities! The same goes for bread with dried fruits made from raisins, apricots or even dried figs. This product becomes more caloric due to the presence of fruit, and, accordingly, simple sugars. However, bread with dried fruits remains interesting because it is satisfying.

Baking and weight loss: Tips for making the right choices

When you want to lose weight, it is advised to limit your consumption of bread made from white flour. And for good reason: it's less satiating, which results in you consuming more than you need to. This excessive consumption has an effect on the line! Another aspect to consider: the amount of fiber, which varies greatly depending on the type of bread. It also has an effect on the feeling of satiety: the more fiber the product contains, the greater the feeling of satiety!

Which bread to choose when you love a baguette? It is better to prefer a baguette to a classic baguette. because of ? It is the least interesting bread on a nutritional level with sandwich bread. What about other types of bread, such as cereal, cereal, or dried fruit bread? It is simply better not to abuse it so that its consumption does not have an effect on the line and diversify for greater pleasure.

Another tip: do not make bread a snack product, but rather incorporate it into certain meals. For example, it is possible to consume 40-50 grams of bread in the morning, with a dairy product and fruit, but also to allow yourself a piece of bread for lunch or dinner, if the meal does not consist of a very large amount of starches.

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