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What can I substitute for butter? Alternatives during confinement

 What can I substitute for butter? Alternatives during confinement

On a good sandwich or on pasta...butter, we love it. But gourmets are rarely satisfied with hazelnuts! For the good of your figure or in case of a deficiency, you can turn to delicious alternatives that allow you to save a lot of calories.

Light Butter: Perfect to replace butter

Those with 39 to 41% of fat had their calories halved (that's 115kcal/30g) but the taste was preserved. This is all good for anyone watching their weight! Be careful, less than 39% fat, it's a "light fat spread". This type of product is recommended for butter addicts who find it difficult to reduce their

 consumption. Good to know: the one with 25% fat only offers 70kcal/30g...but, there, the flavor is barely there. What do I do? "Half butter" works well in cooking, provided you don't raise the temperature too much. The "light fat" is used raw only. Beware of the "half-salt" version that increases, we don't see or know, the daily sodium portion!

Can you replace butter with margarine?

Made from vegetable fats, it contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. But to take advantage of this origin, prefer those based on rapeseed oil, olive or linseed ... and forget those that contain palm or coconut oil or saturated "hydrogenated fats", and therefore are harmful. What do I do? Margarine is used raw, gently cooked, or on toast like butter. But there's no point in removing the latter from your morning sandwich if you don't have a proven excess of cholesterol! And in terms of calories, also know how how: 221 calories / 30 g.

How do you use peanut butter instead of butter?

It's an interesting (and original!) alternative, provided you choose a product made entirely from peanuts. In this case, this American should be less fat than our butter (180 kcal / 30 g) with a good balance of all fatty acids and vitamins (E, B9, B3) and as much protein as cheese! Especially recommended for athletes. What do I do? Top for cooking savory pastries and even savory preparations (Skewer sauce for example). Also great for spreading, making sure of course to spread it in a thin layer!

Processed cheese: our advice to use it instead of butter

Made with skim milk (canquilot), cheese (keri) or sometimes even butter (Vache qui Rit), it's a good source of protein and calcium (about 500mg/100g). The fat content is only 20g/100g, which makes it four times less fat than butter. Blessing ! What do I do? Here's a gourmet option to pair soups, lighten up sandwiches, or enhance veggies and legumes, all while providing a more pronounced taste. .


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