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Weight loss: What are the benefits of ginger for weight loss?

Weight loss: What are the benefits of ginger for weight loss?

Health and weight benefits, uses, good associations... Learn how to consume ginger to lose weight and make this root your slimming ally!

Improving digestion, regulating blood sugar, affecting satiety, detoxifying effect, natural anti-inflammatory... Ginger is a root with multiple benefits, widely used in Ayurveda. Dr. Laurie Heffernat, PharmD, Physiotherapist and Nutritionist explains how to consume this super slimming food.

What are the benefits of ginger?

Ginger is a root of Indian origin, it has been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time.

Its properties have been known for thousands of years, and its interest in maintaining the body's health is well established.

As Dr. Laure Heffernat points out, gingerol, the active molecule present in ginger, would be particularly interesting for the therapeutic use of this root.

Detox and antioxidants

This root in particular is known for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties, which makes it an interesting detox food, especially during the change of seasons, or when one feels lacking in vitality or immunity.


It is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, and is considered in alternative medicine as a real gentle alternative to anti-inflammatories, which are taken for example to relieve joint pain. Ginger can also be an effective natural remedy for cramps (an antispasmodic), for example after a heavy meal.

Losing weight

Ginger is also of interest in weight loss research because it will have an effect on blood sugar (blood sugar levels), which is an important factor when trying to lose weight.

"Avoiding high blood sugar and therefore high blood sugar during the day helps reduce fat storage. By regulating blood sugar levels, insulin will be prevented from entering a 'fat storage' mode (conversion of these sugars into fat), than the body reserves, ”he points out. Nutritionist.

Note that in prevention, the consumption of ginger is also indicated for women with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance problems.

Ginger boosts metabolism and boosts calorie expenditure, and it plays a role in the satiety hormone called leptin. Eating ginger stimulates this hormone, reducing food cravings, which are often responsible for weight gain.

Finally, this root with multiple benefits will have an effect on cortisol, the stress hormone. This hormone, which we will synthesize in times of chronic or acute stress, will not necessarily encourage us to eat more, but it will increase fat storage, explains Dr Laure Heffernat.

To improve digestion and regulate the hormones that play a role in weight gain, ginger is our ally!

What ginger should be consumed to enjoy the benefits?

To take full advantage of the properties of ginger, it is best to buy it raw. But ginger is a rootstock, so it grows in the ground and can come into contact with many pesticides... To avoid this, Dr Laure Heffernat recommends choosing ginger from organic farming, and peel it before eating it.

You can also take ginger in powder form, to incorporate directly into lotions, but again, it is better to choose organic.

For those who do not like the taste of ginger, there is an alternative dietary supplement, but you have to pay attention to the composition and dosage. In this case, support may be needed to make the right choices.

Weight loss: How do you use ginger on a daily basis?

Chew fresh ginger

For Dr. Laure Heffernat, the best way to consume ginger, to facilitate digestion and regulate the hormones that play a role in weight, is to chew it and extract the juice.

  • Cut a small piece of fresh ginger
  • Remove the skin to get rid of all traces of pesticides
  • Chew this small piece of ginger for at least a minute

Do not hesitate to chew ginger this way as soon as you feel the need: during the premenstrual period to reduce cramps in the uterus, at the end of the meal...

Preparing the soaked ginger

During the day and even in the evening to facilitate digestion, before bedtime, you can prepare a ginger infusion:

Cut 1 to 2 cm of ginger

Soak this small piece of ginger in boiling water for at least 3 minutes, so that it releases its active ingredients.

Filter and enjoy!

A good tip: in the evening, you can add a few fresh mint leaves to your infusion, this aromatic plant will help you sleep...

There are many other ways to consume ginger. You can for example:

Add a piece of ginger powder or ginger powder to the blender to make a smoothie

  1. Extraction of ginger juice with a juicer
  2. Mix fresh ginger and lemon juice in a little hot water for a refreshing drink
  3. Add fresh ginger or ginger powder to soup for seasoning

Good to know: Ginger, like all superfoods, is not magic. To obtain results on the silhouette and take full advantage of its benefits on the body, this root must be consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet, to be combined with regular physical activity.

Ginger: good combinations for slimming

For better absorption of ginger, the active molecule that interests us particularly, Laure Hyvernat recommends taking it with a little fat such as coconut oil for example.

It can also be associated with:

Mint (helps digestion and relieves cramps)

Turmeric (fat-burning effect)

Cinnamon (appetite suppressant)

Pepper (improves digestion and increases satiety)

Cocoon drink recipe

piece of ginger

piece of turmeric

teaspoon of cinnamon

Almond milk

How to prepare: Soak the ginger, turmeric and cinnamon in hot almond milk for a few minutes, then strain, then enjoy this beneficial drink in the late afternoon.


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