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Weight Loss Tips: Grandma's Remedies

 Weight Loss Tips: Grandma's Remedies

Grandma's remedies for fast weight loss are small tips for everyday use, generally easy to implement and inexpensive. Slimming Foods, Detox Drinks, and Anti-Cellulite Oil: What are Grandma's Best Remedies to Facilitate Weight Loss? explanations.

Drink apple cider vinegar to lose weight

There are foods that detoxify easily and get rid of fat. This is particularly the case with apple cider vinegar. This is an excellent grandmother's remedy for weight loss thanks to its various active ingredients that act on the body:

Apple cider vinegar increases fat burning.

Reduces the storage of sugar in adipose tissue.

Stimulates the digestive system and facilitates digestion.

Regulates cholesterol levels in the blood.

How to improve apple cider vinegar?

To avoid eating it pure, mix it with homemade fruit juice (orange, grapefruit, etc.) without added sugar, to reduce the acidic taste of the vinegar without adding calories.

You can also drink it with tea or infused at the end of your meal. Two teaspoons of vinegar are enough for a 200ml cup or a cup of tea.

You can also prepare fruit cocktails for consumption throughout the day, adding a teaspoon of vinegar.

Natural appetite suppressant foods

Some foods have a very effective appetite suppressant function to reduce overeating and regulate appetite:



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apple cider vinegar

These natural appetite suppressants not only promote fat loss and limit sugar storage, but they also reduce cravings for snacks between meals.

Pour éviter les fringales, consommez un de ces fruits coupe-faim ou le vinaigre à la fin du repas : il vous apportera une dose de sucres naturels et évitera de se tourner vers un aliment sucré plus calorique comme un carou de yacolat, Cake.

Water, another effective appetite suppressant

Drinking a large glass of water before and at the end of a meal will help fill your stomach, so you tend to eat less. You can also drink a large cup of tea or a brew if you want to have an afternoon snack, this will keep you feeling full without eating calories!

Vegetables are a natural diuretic to eliminate toxins

If you tend to feel bloated or bloated, diuretic foods can help combat this feeling of fullness and discomfort. Certain natural foods called "detoxification" help eliminate toxins and cleanse the body, have a drainage function and help the digestive system.

This is especially the case with fennel, where you can eat it fresh, in juice, mixed with other vegetables, or with fruit. Cooked, it is also very good in soups or soups. Low in calories and very rich in fiber, it is also excellent for transportation and therefore a food with multiple benefits, and a true slimming ally!

Cabbage, black radish, and artichokes are also very good detoxing foods that are low in calories and ideal for hot winter soups.

Homemade anti-cellulite oil

To reduce cellulite, there is nothing better than an active massage every day after a shower, or before bed. To do this, use a vegetable oil (argan, coconut, sweet almond, etc.) mixed with one or more essential oils. Several options are available to you depending on the needs of your organization:

Musk essential oil in case of venous congestion.

rosemary or lemon essential oil in case of excess water and/or fat;

Essential oil of sage or cedar in case of accumulation of toxins.

You can apply this mixture in a circular massage on the buttocks, stomach or thighs.

Attention, for pregnant women, use only vegetable oil, essential oils are prohibited during pregnancy. Without a preservative, the mixture will only keep for a few weeks, so remember to repeat it regularly or add a few drops of Vitamin E (a preservative) to the mixture.

Grandma's tips for losing weight without exercise

Want to lose a few pounds, but aren't an athlete at heart?

A few tips applied daily can make you burn calories without going to the gym. In fact, the important thing is to lose calories, whatever you do. Physical activity is possible in many everyday situations:

give priority to walking (at least 20 minutes a day);

prefer stairs for elevators and escalators;

Get out one stop before your usual stop on public transport;

Take the bike on short trips (ideal for building thighs);

An hour of active cleaning, tidying, or gardening can also burn calories;

When you're still, you can also practice abdominal or gluteal muscle contraction: a few minutes of crouching every day will make the difference!


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