Weight loss from the bottom: 10 foods to melt wherever I want

 Weight loss from the bottom: 10 foods to melt wherever I want

Low in salt, low in sugar, anti-water retention, rich in fiber and/or protein... Certain foods are preferred when you want to avoid storing fat in the stomach, thighs or knees. Quickly discover these foods that promote targeted weight loss in these areas.

Yes, when you want to lose a few pounds, there's always the option of lean, protein-rich chicken breast and fiber-packed green beans...but hello! Fortunately, there are plenty of other foods that deserve to be known to purify and lose weight where you need it most: stomachs and thighs. In their book Losing

 Weight from the Bottom, full of valuable advice, Anne Dufour and Carol Garnier (two best-selling slimming products!) give us all the fruits and vegetables, and all the meats and fish that help shed stock and lose weight. lower. What do you consist of slimming meals, but very satiating, which will get us going!

How to lose thighs and buttocks and purify your legs without exercise?

Of course there are no "miracle" foods and it is not enough to just thaw raspberries, cod or spinach. For good and real weight loss, nothing beats a varied and balanced diet (no more exercise!). But to further increase weight loss, feel free to check out our list of friendly foods to incorporate them as much as possible into your menus.

Among the thirty types of foods identified by the authors of Maigrir du bas (Edition Leduc Pratique 15 €), we chose ten, some of which are really unexpected.

Discover, without delay, 10 foods to lose weight from the bottom. And because diet is only part of the job, bet on sports with our pro tips for improving your thighs: 6 tips from a gym trainer for skinny legs.

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