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Weight loss exercise program at the gym: an hour of purification everywhere!

 Weight loss exercise program at the gym: an hour of purification everywhere!

It was decided, today we go to the gym. To improve your session, make the whole body work well and burn calories, discover our weight loss exercise program inside in one hour!

Warm up and purify your legs on the treadmill: 10 minutes

The treadmill, which can be found in all gyms, is a very effective device to start a warm-up while jogging. It is also a good alternative to running outdoors when weather conditions do not permit.

But to run properly on the treadmill and reap the benefits, it is essential to adopt the correct posture.

Always start slowly and increase the pace of the treadmill little by little, when you can easily keep up with the pace.

Look straight ahead while running, and avoid staring at the treadmill screen...

Try to maintain as much as possible a natural running position, as if you were running in the fresh air: the upper body should not be too far back, the chest is straight and slightly inclined forward. The step should not be too long and the arms should continue to move, in rhythm with the legs.

Going forward, it is possible to perform muscle-strengthening exercises on the treadmill. Similar to classic lunges typically performed on the floor, but once you feel comfortable on the treadmill, you can do so on the machine.

For this, we start by programming a slow pace on the treadmill, and walk quietly to pick up speed. Then, standing at the back of the mat, you can begin the lunge exercise: one step in front of you, bend your front leg to bring your back knee toward the mat (without touching it!). Then we return to the starting position, and then do the same by taking a step forward with the other leg.

Good tip: Make sure your abdominal muscles are tight and keep your back straight throughout the movement.

Once you feel comfortable you can increase the speed a bit, but go at your own pace, this exercise also calls for your balance!

Increase your cardio and burn calories on the treadmill: 5 minutes

On the treadmill, it is possible to do a lunge, to engage the thighs, but you can also increase the cardio, thus strengthening the core and spending the maximum amount of calories during the session. For this, we choose the knee raise exercise, always on the treadmill.

How do you do the knee raise on the mat? As if you were going to lunge, set the treadmill to a slow pace and walk slowly. Next, alternately raise one knee in front of you, making sure your abdominal muscles are engaged and your back is straight. The right time to start? Alternate 30 seconds of the knee raise with 30 seconds of brisk walking before slowing down to resume the knee raise.

Loss of thighs on a stepper: 10 minutes

Stair training on a stepper simulates, as the name implies, climbing stairs.

And on the stepper, which is a machine also found in many gyms, to make sure you burn more calories and work your thighs deep, the ideal is to change up the pace and do the split. Work out in intervals, at a high intensity: Climb up the stairs vigorously for 30 seconds, then give yourself a few seconds of recovery time by going up the stairs more slowly on the machine, before returning faster, etc.

Fat loss from rowing machine: 10 minutes

The rowing machine is great, because it is very complete: it allows you to work out the upper body (shoulders, abdomen, arms) and lower body (thighs, buttocks, calf muscles), by combining cardio training with muscle strengthening.

Here again, it is possible to do intermittent exercises by alternating more or less continuous rhythms, once you adopt the correct posture and the correct rowing gesture without the risk of pain.

Good tip: make sure your abs are well clamped while rowing so you don't arch your back! Also, when pulling up, do not raise your elbows, but towards the back of the body, to the sides of the bust.

Get your arms on a weight bench with the dip exercise: 5 minutes

Dips are great bodybuilding moves to work your entire bust. In fact, thanks to the body weight that you exert when doing the dip, you are working on different muscles: the pectoral muscle, the triceps, the latissimus dorsi, the trapezius, as well as the abdominal muscles.

If this exercise can be done at home on a chair or sofa, you often have a weight bench at the gym to perform it safely.

To make the dips:

Stand with your back facing a weight bench.

Then place your hands on the edge of the bench, shoulder width apart, with your fingers pointing toward your back.

The knees are bent and the feet are flat on the ground. Then straighten the legs, keeping the arms straight and put the heels on the floor. Then the body rests on the heels and the bust remains straight.

On inspiration, bend your arms, lower your buttocks to the floor, keeping your back straight.

When the arms are almost parallel to the floor, on the exhale, we rise by tightening the arms.

Good to know: It is also possible to leave the feet firmly planted in the ground, with the legs bent. In the same way, we lower the buttocks towards the floor, and rise with the extension of our arms.

Using dumbbells to perform different exercises: 10 minutes

Dumbbells of different weights are available in gyms, and allow you to perform many effective exercises to sculpt your body.

To strengthen your thighs with dumbbells: Stand, feet hip-width apart, dumbbells in each hand. Get as low as possible, with your legs bent, keeping your head and back straight, as if you had a wire over your head connecting you to the ceiling. We look forward, exhale, and then come back up.

To develop the triceps muscles with dumbbells: Sit on a dumbbell bench, your back straight, your left hand resting on your thigh, and take the dumbbell in your right hand. Spread this arm over the head and stick it to the ear. Bend your arm so the dumbbells swing behind your head. Then straighten your arm. It must be done on every side.

To draw the abdominal muscles with dumbbells: standing, dumbbells in each hand, feet slightly apart, arms along the body. On the exhale, tilt your chest to one side, lowering the dumbbells as far as possible, keeping the back and neck straight. Without stopping, do the same on the other side, etc.

Correct Rhythm: These three exercises can be performed in a circle, at your own pace for 10 minutes, with a short recovery time of a few seconds between each series.

Strengthen your glutes with pelvic lifts and squats: 10 minutes

Between two machines in the gym, no need to fiddle with your thumb! We take advantage of a short break or if there is a little waiting in the machine to build muscle on the mat.

Tub lifts, for example, are easy to perform and require no machinery. They especially make it possible to seam the glutes.

How is the pelvis raised? On a mat, lie on your back and place your arms next to your body. Bend your legs and place your feet flat on the floor. Wrapping your abdominal muscles, raise your pelvis until your chest is on the same axis as your legs. Then lower your pelvis, control the descent well...then come back!

As for the squat, which is the most popular exercise for slim buttocks and thighs, it can be performed anywhere between two passes on the machine.

How do you do squats? We stand, feet slightly apart from the width of the hips, well parallel, arms along the body. Bend your legs, keeping your back straight, and raise your arms in front of you at the same time. Lower your glutes until your legs form a 90-degree angle. Return to the starting position before going back down, etc.


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