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Weight loss: 7 tips to boost your metabolism

 Weight loss: 7 tips to boost your metabolism

To lose excess weight easily, it is possible to increase your metabolism to get rid of the fat stored in the body. A way to pass through food, but also through simple everyday gestures*.

Lose weight, restore energy, and reduce stress: These are the goals of the metabolic diet. Metabolism is the body's processes of converting what we eat and drink into energy. The body then combines the calories and oxygen to provide energy to the muscles, brain, or even organs. It is fairly fast depending on the frequency of physical exercises, the age or even the size of the individual.

The goal of stimulating your metabolism is to encourage the rapid elimination of stored body fat and thus achieve weight loss. To do this, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are 7 tips to get you started*.

Sleep between 7 and 8 hours

According to a study presented at the Northern Association for the Study of Obesity Conference, people who sleep only two to four hours a night are 73% more likely to be obese than those with more stable sleep.

The day after a short night, it all comes together to eat a lot of food and especially carbohydrates: lack of sleep encourages you to choose preferably fatty and sugary foods. However, the more tired we get, the more we avoid walking or doing any sports activity. Conclusion: metabolism is disturbed. Hence the importance of getting enough sleep, between 7 and 8 hours.

Practice deep breathing

Daily deep breathing is a good ally for the metabolism of slimming. Breathe for a few minutes with the lungs, abdomen, and collarbones if possible, as in yoga. The more deeply we breathe, the more oxygen we get into the body, and therefore more carbon dioxide we get rid of. However, oxygen burns calories and carbon dioxide is a metabolic waste.

Eat a balanced diet

Just eat a plate rich in green vegetables as they boost metabolism (eg eggplant, chard or beets) in protein and starch, but in moderation. Proteins require more calories from the body to be absorbed.

We also focus on steam cooking, fresh herbs and spices, fruits, grains, eggs, fish and cheese, and their quantity and at the right pace. It is highly recommended to stop ultra-processed foods and avoid sauces and fried foods.

Drink enough water and bet on tea or coffee

Metabolism directly depends on the rate of hydration. It decreases when you do not drink enough water. That is why it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount: about 1.5 liters per day. We try to put a cross on alcohol or sugary drinks.

Coffee or tea is also recommended. These last two drinks contain caffeine, an exciting substance that stimulates metabolism: it helps burn energy and, therefore, calories. But make sure to consume it in moderation. Two small cups of coffee or two large cups of tea per day without added sugar are enough.

Do small daily exercises

You can also call it metabolic training. These are short but intense training sessions called "intervals". Can be carried out on the way to work. For example: When there is an escalator or ladder, we climb the steps at full speed, then slowly walk towards a second staircase and resume the climb again by accelerating the pace of the climb. It is also recommended to exercise regularly.

stay up

Staying inactive is the enemy of metabolism. C'est pourquoi il faut régulièrement se lever pour passer des coups de fil, éviter de s'asseoir dans les transports en commun, aller chercher un verre d'eau au bureau et en profiter pour s'étirer un peu le cou, les cuisses the arms.

In the morning, especially if a day is planned in the office, it is recommended to do a few minutes of squats, push-ups, rope skipping or even a run.

Eat enough vitamin D

When we lack vitamin D, as is the case for more than half of the French according to Inserm, the body stores more in the stomach, burns less and we feel more hungry than usual. Hence the importance of exposing yourself reasonably to the sun.


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