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Weight loss: 16 habits you should follow in the office to lose weight like nothing

 Weight loss: 16 habits you should follow in the office to lose weight like nothing

The office is the perfect place to start losing weight and keep the streak in check. Dig into 16 Reactions to Adopt to Lose Weight During the Week...Without Much Effort!

Why is the office the perfect place to lose weight?

Even if you spend your day sitting behind a computer, the desk is the perfect place to take care of your streak or even lose weight...provided you are motivated and implement the right reflexes! No kids, no temptation in cupboards (a priori, unless you work in a sweet shop!), etc.

And yes, finally, your workplace is where you spend the most time, so good eating habits or healthy lifestyles should be adopted here inevitably.

Have you decided to take a magnesium therapy to control your stress, or a chromium therapy to reduce sugar cravings? Put ampoules or tablets in your desk drawer and if necessary put a reminder in your journal to remember to take them every morning!

Skipping breakfast or lunch is out of the question

If you want to lose weight, skipping breakfast or skipping lunch is a (very) bad idea. Not only do you increase the risk of frustration and snacking, but you will inevitably take revenge on your next meal. The number of calories consumed may be much higher than when eating at least three balanced meals a day.

Dividing your calorie intake by planning a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon is a good way to reduce the amounts on your plate at mealtimes.

And above all, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated all day long! Herbal tea, water, lemon water... UNLIMITED!


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