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Weight bench: How do you use to sculpt your body, area by area?

 Weight bench: How do you use to sculpt your body, area by area?

At the gym, a weight bench catches your eye? We show you how to use it well to draw your silhouette...

Weight bench: what is it?

Weight bench: what is it? As the name suggests, a weight bench is a piece of strength/fitness equipment commonly found in gyms. If there are many variations on the weight bench, then it necessarily consists of a seat and a backrest - the latter can be horizontal or tilted up to 90 degrees.

"The barbell is stable: it's very safe for users and a must-have in the gym," explains Sebastien Larrier, founder of CrossFit® Cycling Batignolles.

However, for the general public, a weight bench makes it possible in particular to tone the back (to reduce back pain, for example when working in front of the computer or when you are accustomed to carrying heavy loads, but also to strengthen the chest and thus provide a nice neck line) and shoulders (which reduces neck pain when working in front of the computer or when doing a lot of work, but also to sculpt a nice head cart!).

to know. Many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts do not hesitate to purchase their own weight bench to strengthen their muscles and sculpt their figure at home: most major sports brands offer them.

Weight bench: Precautions for use and accessories

Weight bench: What are the precautions for use? First, if you choose a weight bench at home, it is necessary to ensure that this fitness equipment is correctly installed on level ground: otherwise you risk falling and hurting yourself!

Second, if the backrest of a weight bench is reclining, we remember to check that it is "cut" (i.e. not likely to move during a fitness session), again at risk of serious injury. Third, if you fall on a weight bench at home, choose equipment with a good foam density - this is important for comfort.

And also... "The weight bench is available for both men and women and for all age groups. However, it is still best to have a sports coach accompany you when using this equipment. Fitness for the first time, especially to ensure that you adopt the correct posture "recommends Sebastien Larrier. It's best to familiarize yourself with the weight bench in the gym before buying it at home ...

be careful ! “At the end of your session, you may feel tired: it is therefore important to be vigilant when getting up or when straightening from a weight bench to avoid falling,” the specialist advises.

Weight bench: 3 exercises to put it to good use

Adjust your shoulders with a barbell bench: Military press

This exercise, which works the deltoid and triceps muscles, requires two dumbbells. Sébastien Larrère recommends, "Choose light weights between 3kg and 8kg each."

Sitting astride on a weight bench, with your back straight, and looking toward the horizon, take a dumbbell in each hand so that your palms are facing behind you. Raise your elbows to chest height and dumbbells to temple height: your elbows should form a 90-degree angle, and your palms are turned in front of you.

Extend your arms (gently!) toward the sky while controlling your breathing: Go back down at a right angle while inhaling gently through your nose.

Strengthen your back with a weight bench: Pull the back on an inclined bench

This exercise (also known as "incline bench row"), which works the back and biceps muscles, requires two dumbbells (from 3 kilograms to 8 kilograms each, depending on your capabilities).

Tilt the dumbbell bench back about 30 degrees (one-third of a right angle) and sit on either side of the reclining bench. Take a dumbbell in each hand, your arms extended toward the floor: your palms facing you.

On the exhale, raise the dumbbells to the height of the backrest by bending your elbows: be careful, they should not deviate from the body. On inspiration, extend arms back toward the floor by controlling the descent well. Keep your back straight and your head in line with your spine.

Draw your legs with a barbell bench: Leg extension

This exercise specifically targets the quadriceps (in the thighs). It requires a weight bench with a weighted cylinder.

tilt the back of the weight bench to a seated position; Sit with only your knees protruding from the seat. Slide your feet under the weighted pulley (choose the weight of the latter according to your skills...or your coach's advice!) and lift them vertically: Hold your feet 1-2 seconds and then come back completely down. Make sure you control your movement and breathing well.


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