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Virtues of cachaça slimming

 Virtues of cachaça slimming

Gluten-free roasted buckwheat is back in the diet scene and can be enjoyed as a detox drink or as a substitute for rice or pasta.

Kasha is used as a grain, but it's not one and the same because it's part of the same are rhubarb and sorrel! It's well known to women looking to slim down, because a roasted buckwheat drink, called Subacha, is a staple of French trainer Valerie Orsoni's fitness style that has made a name for itself in San Francisco. Kasha is rich in fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and magnesium, and it is also a good source of vegetable protein which makes it satiating, and therefore anti-biting!

Kacha: Low Glycemic Index

Advantage over other cereals: lower glycemic index. This is good for weight loss! Plus l'IG d'un aliment est faible, moins le pancréas fabrique d'insuline en excès, ce qui limite le risque d'hypoglycémie, ce phénomène qui entraîne un coup de mou vers 11h ou 17h envi et de jet donnee envie sugar.

It is a natural appetite suppressant

Kacha is a wealth of soluble fiber essential for good satiety. These form a gelatinous substance in the digestive tract where they bind to fats. Thus, they reduce cholesterol and fat absorption, and also slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, which slows down the rise in blood sugar. The result: it lowers meal sugar and avoids, again, much of the pressure on insulin involved in weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Subacha, slimming drink

If the seeds are ready-to-use in the organic store, you may prefer to make your own subacha at home. Calculate 1 tablespoon per 30 cl of water. Roast the seeds for 5 minutes in a dry frying pan. When they start to turn brown, put them into a tea ball. Then let it soak for at least 5 minutes. Add sugar if needed (honey or maple syrup). Enjoy the roasted hazelnut flavor of this caffeine-free infusion.

Easy to cook

Correct Dosage: One volume of seeds for two volumes of water. Two to three minutes of cooking is enough! If you cook it more, you get a porridge that can be added to quiche or gratin. Mixed with tofu, it turns into a vegetable chop to accompany pasta with tomato sauce or vegetables. Kasha can also be used to brown pancakes or to garnish a salad for a quick and balanced lunch.


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