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The Celebrity Diet: Anne Romanoff's Weight Loss Tips

 The Celebrity Diet: Anne Romanoff's Weight Loss Tips

At 52, the French's favorite comedian always shows a great line: How does she stay skinny despite her busy schedule? We will explain everything to you.

If Anne Romanov often makes fun of diets (her "slimming soup" trick is funny!), then the star is no less interested in her figure. In an interview with VivreFm Radio in September 2015, the 52-year-old comedian also realized a certain obsession with slimming: “Super power I want to have? I wish I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight! Because as soon as I eat, it goes live.. .". See you all there!

athletic side. Anne Romanoff admits it: When it comes to wearing sneakers, she has a serious lack of motivation...

In an interview with Sélection Reader's Digest in December 2017, the comedian admitted the failure of his good sporting decisions: "Since January, I've taken 3 x 30 minutes of water walking (when I had taken a 10-session package)," 15 kilometers on a one-time bike ride (yes, I was particularly excited that day), eight Pilates yoga sessions (although I opted for the annual subscription), three Zumba sessions... »

Our advice? If your schedule is heavy, like Anne Romanoff, incorporate physical activity directly into your daily life - take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off a metro station early, walk on call... and do 5 minutes of sheathing each day (plank on forearms, on example) in front of the TV or at bedtime.

Star Diet: Anne Romanoff, Mediterranean Diet Follower?

Slimming trick. To stay skinny, Anne Romanoff trusts... her scales. On the radio, the star said: “Sometimes, on vacation, I take the scales with me: even if most hotels offer it, I only trust it! »

Good or bad idea? hesitate. Because if the scales are an effective slimming tool, they can also be the source of a dangerous obsession. Instead, we recommend using a tape measure: At the beginning of your diet, measure your thigh circumference, hip circumference and waist circumference and track your progress each week. It's more motivating!

Rumors, rumors ... According to certain rumors, Anne Romanov is a follower of the Mediterranean diet.

Known for its many health benefits (at the cardiovascular level, in particular), this slimming diet is based on a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as "good" fats - the focus is on olive oil, in particular. On the other hand, red meat, industrial products, sweet foods and dairy products made from cow's milk should be avoided. A way of life to adopt!


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