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Top 10 foods that make you lose weight

 Top 10 foods that make you lose weight

Fat burner, detox, appetite suppressant ... To lose a few centimeters of waist circumference, you do not need a strict diet when eating a balanced diet and focus on the right foods to accelerate weight loss. Some of them are extremely effective in boosting our metabolism! Here is 10.

To lose a few pounds, without giving up your sweet sin (box of chocolate that makes us melt...), some fruits and vegetables are precious allies. The means of their work? It deceives hunger and speeds up the metabolism and thus allows fat burning and elimination. Another plus: These foods are rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins...enough to keep you in good shape.

Fruits and vegetables that make you lose weight

1 / zucchini. Low in calories (about 13 calories per 100 grams), it is rich in potassium. Its low sodium content makes it a diuretic food par excellence. Another plus: in order to be digested, zucchini requires a large expenditure of energy. To be eaten raw and cooked as you wish.

2/ Eggplant. Have you ever noticed that it absorbs fat when fried in a frying pan? Well, imagine that it works the same way in our bodies. Rich in pectin, it traps fats and thus helps us get rid of them... However, provided it is cooked without fat. For consumption without moderation.

3 / wrapped. Cabbage is a staple in many slimming soups for good reason: Cabbage is a "negative calorie" food. In other words, you are spending more calories than you are getting out of it! Another advantage: it burns fat and acts as a diuretic. It is eaten every day for lunch or dinner.

4 / Celery. Slightly cooked, however, it has many slimming benefits. It is low in calories and helps fight water retention, flaking skin, and cellulite. A powerful antioxidant, it promotes the elimination of toxins, accumulates fats and improves intestinal transit. Consume raw, three to four times a week.

5 / pineapple. Rich in fiber, it contains bromelain, an enzyme that has a diuretic and anti-cellulite effect, which promotes the elimination of fat. Consume four to five times a week.

6 / lemon. Rich in fiber and vitamin C, it is also rich in pectins that act as an appetite suppressant and prolong the feeling of satiety. Note: Stimulates digestion, detoxifies and burns fat. Consume in juice, every morning, at sunrise.

7 / strawberry. Sweet in taste, it is also one of the most effective slimming fruits because it is very diuretic. It promotes shedding of fat and thus promotes weight loss. For consumption without moderation.

The best slimming herbs, spices and pills

8 / Parsley. Many detox cocktails are made with parsley. why ? Because this herb promotes elimination. In addition, it regulates appetite, thereby limiting fat intake.

9 / Cinnamon. It has been subjected to scientific studies that prove its effectiveness in lowering blood sugar levels. However, sugar, which is consumed in very large quantities, turns into fat. As a result, cinnamon picks up fat. Note that it also replaces sugar in your desserts. think about it!

10 / oat bran. These are the most effective pills on our product line. The fiber they contain has a double effect: it improves transit and locks in fat. My work, right? To be eaten without moderation at breakfast or as a snack, in light yoghurt for example.


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