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The Mir method: What method will allow you to lose weight permanently?

The Mir method: What method will allow you to lose weight permanently?

Listen to your needs to relearn how to eat, rather than reduce your calorie intake and restrict yourself. Target? Lose weight...with the brain..that's what the Mir method promises, invented by Natalie Mir, slimming coach, nutrition behaviorist, graduate of psychology and educating eating behavior.

No bans or restrictions. The Meer method analyzes the behaviors that lead to food intake, especially stress and other negative emotional states. It starts from the fact that food is a haven for some. We shift the function of nutrition towards the need to obtain safety, by eating fatty or sugary foods. So Meer's method works on stress and weight gain reasons to lose weight permanently...thanks to our brains.

How it works ?

To relearn how to listen to your body's needs, the trainer offers exercises. These make it possible to distinguish between "false hunger" and "real hunger". We stop with restrictions and food substitutes: if we want to eat pasta, we take it, and we eat salad instead. In the second stage, we learn techniques to manage our crises of food compulsions.

Then, in the third step, the coach helps manage various stresses other than food. There are three types. The first: daily stresses related to work, life as a married couple, or even family life. Two: stresses related to events that can be dated (since the birth of a child, marriage, heartache, illness, and menopause). Third: unconscious stress, often genetic.

Follow up for several months

The result: we learn to eat according to our instincts, and we deal with stress without resorting to food. The body itself controls what it wants to eat: then we naturally choose the foods that are necessary for our needs and in the right quantities. According to Natalie Meyer, for the brain, diet is food deprivation. Once you stop the diet, the body will immediately fill its stores of fat again. This method, on the contrary, will make it possible to lose weight permanently.

The Meer method is based on a follow-up of five to ten months depending on the desired weight loss. Sessions last at 1:30, spaced out from three weeks to a month at regular points.


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