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The Long Breath Diet: The Breathing Method That Promises Incredible Weight Loss

The Long Breath Diet: The Breathing Method That Promises Incredible Weight Loss

Lose weight by deep breathing, that's what the Japanese breathing method called "Long Breathing Diet" promises. But what does this technology really consist of? How do you do it? explanations.

Method 3-3-3, Skoma, 12-5-30... Techniques for changing your body and losing weight have multiplied rapidly in recent years. In general, these aerobics consist of different movements and exercises. But other methods, such as the "Long Breathing Diet", offer weight loss without much effort.

Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke announced the "Long Breathing Diet." He discovered it by chance while looking for ways to relieve his back pain. After his experience, he realized that his body had been sculpted and slimmed down. Thanks to this breathing exercise, which is not new, the actor says that he lost 13 kg and 12 cm from his waist in 6 weeks.

Long Breath Diet: What is the principle of this breathing method?

The "Long Breath Diet" is a breathing technique that originated in Japan. The latter consists in controlling your breathing. For this, it is recommended to alternate between the inhale phase and the exhale phase. According to Miki Ryosuke, practicing the "long breath diet", that is, breathing deeply and for a long time, for 2 to 5 minutes every day will be enough to lose weight.

The Long Breath Diet: How to Lose Weight by Breathing?

Breathing may promote weight loss because when we breathe we inhale oxygen. The oxygen in question will attack the fat. After this contact, the fat cells are decomposed. This process enhances fat burning. In other words, the more you breathe, the more fat you burn.

Many works have praised the benefits of breathing in the context of weight loss. This is the case of a study published in the National Library of Medicine in 2010. The latter was conducted among obese people. The scientists asked them to do breathing exercises.

"After repeating the exercises for a month, the obese patients showed a significant loss of body fat. Breathing exercise was found to be effective in weight loss in obese patients, possibly by regulating the nervous system and hormone secretion," the researchers said.

But beware, this method of breathing alone does not allow you to get good results. In order to bear fruit, it is clearly necessary to follow a balanced and varied diet and to engage in physical activity.

How do you practice the "Long Breathing Diet"?

To perform this breathing exercise, stand upright and place one foot in front of the other. We put all our weight on the foot in the back. Then inhale for 3 seconds. During this inspiration, the arms should be raised and placed above the head. Then we exhale for 7 seconds by contracting the stomach muscles and letting the arms go down.

Long breath diet: what are the contraindications?

This method of breathing is not suitable for everyone. It is not recommended for patients with heart and respiratory problems, especially asthmatics. If you suffer from it, you should consult your doctor before following the long breath diet.


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