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The LAFAY method, the complete body weight program

 The LAFAY method, the complete body weight program

The Lafay Method is a complete bodybuilding program, almost without equipment, allowing you to work out the entire body or develop only certain muscle groups. It is suitable for both men and women, as long as the motivation is there! More than just a way to train, it's also a way to look at the body in a global way and monitor your workouts.

What is the Lavi method?

The Lafay Method is a "Full Body" method, created by Olivier Lafay, the French philosopher and educator. Not finding the satisfaction he was looking for in his current athletic training, he envisioned this program in order to consider bodybuilding in a holistic way, taking into account the physical and psychological aspects that underlie exercise. To support practitioners, Oliver Lafay has written several books that describe his method from different angles:

  • bodybuilding method for men,
  • bodybuilding method for women,
  • improvement and improvement works,
  • The method of nutrition to be combined with the method of bodybuilding.
  • Advantages of the Lavi method
  • The Lafay method has many advantages, which is why it is popular with many practitioners.

This is a method without substance (or almost)

The Lafay method is designed so that it can be performed without expensive training equipment or taking up space in a residence. It consists of body weight exercises, specifically designed to target muscle groups with efficiency and accuracy.

You'll of course find traditional squats, push-ups, dips, lunges, pushups, and more in various forms. But the Lafay method also includes several exclusive exercises that allow you to exercise the body as a whole, from the chest to the legs, through the abdominal belt.

If he is “almost” without equipment, it is because he sometimes uses everyday things: chairs, a table, bottles, broomsticks, etc. Nothing you don't already have! However, in some exercises, you will be asked (if you wish) to equip yourself with a fixed pull rod or without a drill.

A complete program suitable for everyone

One of the greatest strengths of the Lafay method is that it increases muscle size and sculpts the body by working all the muscles.

The method for men focuses on developing muscle and increasing muscle strength. The method intended for women, on the other hand, makes it possible to effectively strengthen the muscles while tightening and smoothing the silhouette. It is also designed to protect the perineum area by exposing it to the lowest possible pressure during training, in order to maintain intimate comfort.

Although there is only one unique book for each gender, the method adapts to all levels of sports, even the absolute beginner, thanks to a very simple system. During the first session, you will have to take a test consisting of different exercises. Based on your answers to a few questions and the number of repetitions you were able to do for each exercise, you can determine your level.

Then it is enough to follow the list of recommended exercises for her or go through a period of preparation. As you progress, this list will evolve, according to the criteria clearly indicated across the pages, in order to "improve" the training. Thus, the method is suitable for all audiences, but it is also very progressive and follows your own pace, without going beyond your physical limits.

flexible method

Since it does not require any specific equipment, the Lafay method can be practiced anywhere: at home, at work if you have a long break, on vacation, on a weekend with friends, etc. No need to join a gym to work your muscles effectively!

Its flexibility also lies in the fact that you can choose how you train by splitting sessions if you don't have an entire hour to dedicate to it. You can also only do the part of the exercise that corresponds to the anatomical region you want to develop. The exercises are actually categorized by body areas. However, it is best to exercise all muscle groups. Since it's a bodybuilding method, it's clearly compatible with doing cardio, on the days when you're not doing it.

real results

The Lafay method is very effective when it is followed well. There is nothing to envy the physique of its diligent exercisers over people who do bodybuilding indoors with specific machines or with a gym trainer. If the results are not immediate, the modification of the silhouette and muscles over the medium and long term is amazing. However, do not expect to develop bodybuilding muscles, the idea here is to have a toned muscular body and not overgrown muscles.

tight-knit community

The Lafay method is practiced by many athletes who want to discuss their results, the way they view the sport, their successes, and even their weaknesses. If you want to get started, you'll have no problem finding a Facebook community or group full of good advice. In case there are questions, you will also be able to benefit from the answers of the community, or even Olivier Lavey himself!

Disadvantages of the Lavie method

Although this method has many advantages, the method still has some shortcomings. Unfortunately, no one is perfect!

A complete method with continuous progress, but it is limited

Although the latest level of advancement in the Lafay Method corresponds to a high level of bodybuilding, it comes a time that can no longer be surpassed. For many, this will not be a problem and it will be enough to continue training at this last level, and possibly increase the repetitions, to maintain the results obtained. But for the most motivated and demanding people, it will be necessary to choose another way to go further.

Motivation that is sometimes hard to maintain

As in any sport, regularity and motivation is what ultimately makes the Lafay Method a success. Since they are practiced individually (which can be an advantage when you're not a fan of the weight room), it's sometimes hard to stay motivated. However, skipping several sessions in a row can lead to a stagnation in progress, or even a regression, which can exacerbate the lack of attendance.

Absence of an outside view

The result of the point we just made: the absence of a coach or assistant practitioner can be a problem for novice athletes. Without someone to correct the situation, the recommended exercises are sometimes performed incorrectly, which can lead to ineffective exercises, or worse, injury. This disadvantage can be overcome by practicing in front of a mirror, but this is not necessarily enough.

Now you know everything you need to know about the Lafay method!


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