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The Ketogenic Diet: Tips for Successful Sugar Detoxing

 The Ketogenic Diet: Tips for Successful Sugar Detoxing

Eliminating cakes, cereal, and starchy foods in favor of good fats, isn't that easy! Expert advice to overcome barriers to quitting smoking.

The ketogenic diet is very different from other diets. Be sure to embark on it lightly, simply to unload 2 or 3 kg before the holidays. And even less if you suffer from diseases (cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, gout, etc.), even if some scientific arguments support this diet. Because whether it's called a Low Carb Hight Fat (LCHF), the ketogenic diet, or the keto diet, "keto" requires a drastic change in diet. To be

 effective, that is, to improve medical parameters (blood, hormones, etc.), it requires constant efforts and a real commitment ... for life! This is explained by Gary Tobis, a science journalist for the New York Times, in his book The Quito Revolution (Thierry Socar ed.). His credo: "Many people, despite diets, fight the pounds and fail to lose weight, says Gary Tubbs. It's time to understand why. And act differently. And if what works for people simply cannot be changed to obese people or people who Overweight What if the physiology of overweight people does not allow them to metabolize the carbohydrates in a supposedly healthy diet?

Keto Diet: The Solution to Permanent Weight Loss?

According to the author, the belief that weight gain is caused by overeating is wrong. The investigative journalist wrote: “Not everyone reacts the same way to the same food, especially foods rich in carbohydrates. People who gain weight easily have different physiology, such as their hormonal and metabolic responses to food. They metabolize carbohydrates correctly. They try to store calories as fat,

 which is not the case. The case with thin people. Also, with a different metabolism, a different diet. Gary Tops advocates revolutionizing nutrition based on the clinical experience of hundreds of physicians and researchers he has met over the past 20 years. He concludes that the solution is more effective today for weight gain. People, is to choose a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Regardless of the degree of overweight, with this eating pattern, one does not need to eat less or control portions, even to count calories. The author. We eat when we are hungry and we eat when we are full.

The Keto Diet: Motivation, the Key to Success

Given the many prohibitions, you need to be very zealous and ready to radically change the way you eat. Because we say goodbye to carbohydrates (white sugar, honey, soft drinks, pastries, pastries, etc.), but also almost all fruits, bread and pasta, legumes (lentils, white beans, etc.), grains (rice, wheat,

 buckwheat ... .) and root vegetables (sweet leg, parsnip, pumpkin ...). The road to weaning can be long and bumpy. “Cutting an addiction to carbohydrate-rich food is like trying to wean yourself off psychotropic substances, tobacco, or alcohol,” admits Gary Tops. Ideally, the author advises it to be followed by a trained expert on the ketogenic diet (dietitian, dietitian, naturopath...

Keto: Are you ready to radically change your plate?

If the basics (foods to be discarded) are straightforward, on the other hand, their implementation is complicated. Hence the importance of practice as recommended by Gary Tobis. “It is about practicing the skills of cooking and eating in a way that pleases us, identifying the foods that harm us, make us fat, and worsen our health, those that should be avoided or preferred, and those that trigger food cravings....” Before starting, awareness is necessary:

Eating differently requires thought and planning. Those who succeed are those who dedicate the time to document themselves on the subject, and who consult specialist cookbooks... Gary Tobis notes. He defines: "Losing and stabilizing weight is a skill that can be acquired. Practice is essential. This requires

 a new organisation, a new way of shopping, of cooking...". For example, you should be prepared to replace your morning puffed breakfast cereal with eggs, cheese or avocado and salmon, to make your own yogurt by garnishing it with chia or pumpkin seeds, substituting wheat flour for almond and coconut flour, drinking kale, changing protein sources to tofu, Tempeh, etc., and enjoy cauliflower rice noodles and zucchini.

It is necessary to understand the meaning of keto. Even if following the keto diet eventually leads to weight loss, the meaning of this diet is elsewhere. Being fully aware of this is essential to sticking with it for the long haul. Because the benefits in terms of health and well-being are the elements that will make it possible to say, in difficult times, that the sacrifices are worth it. It takes at least three to six months to notice physical and mental well-being.

Get help from a ketogenic expert

Giving up carbohydrates causes a drastic change in the body, as the main source of energy becomes fat and no longer carbohydrates. Gary Tobis believes that “there is nothing informal about this transformation. You are literally changing the way you eat and the help of a professional familiar with ketosis can help you do this, and even more so if you follow a drug treatment to control your blood

 sugar or blood pressure, and may He prescribes a medical examination for you beforehand...". The first times of weaning can be difficult. The first indicator: bad breath. But this is normal. Bad breath is a sign that the body is producing these famous ketones, so the food program is doing its job. The smell comes

 from acetone, a type of ketone that is exhaled. This phenomenon lasts about a month, during which time the body adapts to the lack of glucose and succeeds in producing energy from fats (we are talking about ketogenic adaptation). In addition, other discomforts (headache, fatigue, nausea, constipation) may occur, especially the first two weeks.

Addiction to sugar: weaning in stages is easier

Some doctors recommend lateral withdrawal. But eliminating all kinds of sugars overnight isn't within everyone's reach. Gary Taubes suggests weaning in stages in order to better manage withdrawal symptoms.

Stop Drinking Sugar: Start cutting out "liquid calories," all those drinks that contain added sugar are already taking a big step toward weaning. In short: we say goodbye to soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks and also so-called “healthy” drinks such as kombucha, kefir, iced tea, vitamin water and milk of animal or vegetable origin.

Eliminate sugars, starches, and breakfast cereals by meal: Once we eliminate sugary drinks, we attack our breakfast. Goodbye butter and jam sandwiches. Breakfast will now consist of proteins, especially fats (eggs, bacon or salmon, avocado...). This will allow you to keep your insulin levels, blood sugar relatively low, and your fat metabolism, explains Gary Tobis. You will be surprised to see your satiety last throughout the morning. When you change your breakfast habits and the benefits are worth your sacrifice, you can move on to lunch, dinner, and meals. light".

The Ketogenic Diet: 5 Tips to Overcome Difficulties

Anticipate difficult situations: "It's a good idea to anticipate the undesirable effects of carbohydrate withdrawal that may hinder your progress or discourage you, admits Gary Tobis." Some people are affected more than others, without knowing why. Suffering from symptoms related to a state of carb cravings can push you back into the carb mess, hence the importance of insisting on being accompanied.

Be vigilant at all times: “We live in a world obsessed with carbohydrates, and we are exposed to them to the point of nausea,” wrote Gary Tobis. In fact, our environment can be an obstacle to proper monitoring of this new diet. Shopping in the supermarket, evenings with friends, coffee breaks in the

 office... all are opportunities to delve into your failures. So we must set boundaries and not succumb to that little inner voice that tells us “just this time”, “just one bite”… Departing from your zero carb diet, there is a risk your illico will relapse into irrepressible sugar cravings! Like an alcoholic who should never drink again, otherwise beware of relapse.

Avoid temptations: “Start by cleaning up your immediate environment: in cupboards, in drawers at the office… Gary Taubes suggests. Fill your fridge and freezer with keto-compliant foods. Keep your shopping list meticulous. Always carry a decent snack of macadamia nuts with you… ".

Transform your surroundings: It's not the easiest! But if you are convinced of the benefits of this diet, then you should try to get your loved ones to adopt it. Because as Gary Tobis notes in his book The Quito Revolution, successful people are those whose wives are committed to the cause! ".

Join a group on social media: Being part of a community that supports your approach is one of the keys to sticking with time.


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