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The Ketogenic Diet: At the Restaurant, How Do You Eat "Keto"?

 The Ketogenic Diet: At the Restaurant, How Do You Eat "Keto"?

If keto is rich in taboos, you can still enjoy yourself in the brasserie or in the Asian restaurant ... provided that you choose the most appropriate dishes. Decoding by keto expert.

In a restaurant, it is not easy to satisfy your taste buds when you have to analyze all the dishes, made up of ingredients, in order not to deviate from your special diet that significantly reduces carbohydrates (sweets, pastries, starches, almost all fruits ... ) in favor of good fatty acids. (Salmon, avocado, duck fat, coconut cream...). Due to many taboos, the keto diet is already complex enough to follow at home, so in Italian or Chinese restaurants this is a challenge because the menus and menus don't detail the recipes. This limits the scope of possibilities...

Fortunately, Caroline Shop comes to the rescue of keto lovers! The author of Starting the Keto Diet (Larousse Edition) knows what she's talking about since she's been in ketogenic fashion for several years and regularly feeds her La popote de Potine site with her recipes and tips to help the novice

 change their plate without taking their head (too much!) . According to the expert, one can go to a restaurant without departing from the dietary principles: “Today, the supply is so wide that one can generally eat without any problem outside the house.” To guide you through maps of brasseries and other gastronomic places of one form or another,

Keto Diet: A Good Choice, Vegetarian Restaurant

To avoid asking yourself too many questions at the table, go to a vegan restaurant where you can easily follow the ketogenic diet “since there are many plant-based protein sources, admits Caroline Schop, ranging from tofu, soybeans, seitan, eggs, vegetable creams and “milk,” seeds Oily.However, be careful with legumes (lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, bulgur ...) which are rich in carbohydrates (sugars) and are therefore not compatible with keto.Among the dishes that consist of vegetables and keto, you can enjoy vegetable pie, mixed salad, And cauliflower rice, vegetable gratin, stuffed avocado, tofu curry, etc... will make you happy!

In the Brasserie: The grilled rib steak is for you!

The place's menu offers plenty of bland options, from seafood and shellfish that are rich in vitamin B12, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids so dear to ketogenic eaters. Yes to shrimp, oysters, and jobs... "Mussels can be more glycemic," warns Caroline Schop. Good news: You can go with everything with mayonnaise because it's "the best condiment on the keto diet: almost zero carbs and high in fat! Fresh cream and smoked bacon), and the dough is made with wheat flour (gluten and carbs). Shame. ..

At the Italian restaurant: yes to appetizers!

An elegant start, you can honor the appetizers: tomato/mosa salad, carpaccio bresaola with artichoke and Parmesan, eggplant alla parmigiana, spiced roasted peppers, etc... Also good for the nice charcuterie and cheese dishes. On the other hand, as a dish, you are not allowed to use pasta or pizza. Neither focaccia, nor trancini, nor bruschetta either, because these dishes are made with flour or risotto,

 ingredients that make your glycemic bill soar. But don't worry if you order scallops "saltimboca" or even osso-buco. And as an accompaniment, vegetables or green salads are ideal. As for the sweets, it will be dew! Because sugar, in almost all its forms, is really the number one enemy of keto eaters.

At the Asian restaurant: Sashimi is allowed!

In the Japanese restaurant: good choice with sashimi, beef skewers with cheese, edamame (soy) and miso soup. But if you can skip the cabbage, even better, because even if the ketogenic diet allows it, this vegetable remains sweet. And on the side of soy sauce, salty is preferred over sweet. In general in the Asian restaurant...beware the sauces as they are sugar traps.

In a Chinese restaurant: a salad with bean sprouts. Shrimp with coconut milk and beef with black mushrooms..these specialties are your allies. But go for the steamy bites made with rice flour which has a high glycemic index: about 22 grams of carbs per 100 grams! Replace it with a dish made with coconut milk, shrimp, or chicken. For dessert, fresh coconut is perfect. On the other hand, be careful with coconut flan because, apart from coconut milk and cream, this preparation contains sugar.

In fast food: Potatoes are not at the party

There, it must be admitted, the acceptable options remain very limited. In some places, like at Five Guys, Caroline Shoppe specifies, there's a burger version of a lettuce bun! Surprise ... but anyway, you have to say goodbye to french fries, even "homemade"! "However, I give myself Coca-Cola Zero

 exceptionally," says our expert. At McDonald's or Burger King, you can order a salad or a burger...provided you don't eat bread, according to our expert! There, too, you can treat yourself to a sugar-free soda. At KFC, chicken thighs, why not, "but beware of the breadcrumbs, which contain gluten and carbs," warns Caroline Schop again.


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