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The deadlift, or deadlift, is an essential bodybuilding exercise.

 The deadlift, or deadlift, is an essential bodybuilding exercise.

Deadlift, what is this?

From its English name "dead lift", a deadlift is a weight-lifting exercise that consists of lifting a weight from the ground using a bar. Like other sports disciplines, the deadlift also has its own principles and methods of implementation. In fact, whatever the weight of the bar, it will always be necessary to ensure that it is lifted vertically.

This principle, which forms the core of this strength exercise, not only obliges the practitioner to engage several joints and several muscles, but also prompts him to exert one force. Due to the different joints he uses, this exercise is an excellent opportunity to work out certain important muscles in your body, such as the gluteus maximus, lumbar, dorsal, etc.

Also, deadlift, due to the physical effort it requires from the athlete practicing it, can be dangerous in some cases. This is why following the different steps in chronological order and the different instructions is so important to reduce risks.

What are the different types of deadlift and their effects?

It is proven that the principle of this exercise is to lift a heavy weight on the floor vertically. However, you can choose between different ways to go about this goal. This justifies the multiplicity of deadlift variables encountered in the circuit.

Classic Deadlift

This is the basic form of a deadlift. To start the exercise, you must first take a deep breath and then take a standing position, keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Then bend forward, pushing your hips back. Your task will be to lift the weight.

Perform a contraction all over your body, keeping your back straight without rounding and looking forward, slowly move the bar to the middle of your quadriceps.

Also, feel free to stop the exercise if you feel your back muscles start to twist as you lean forward.

Romanian deadlift

The muscles involved in this variation of the classic deadlift are numerous. These are the glutes, hamstrings, and spina erectus muscles located in the back, abdomen, shoulders, trapezius, and forearms.

Before performing the Roman deadlift sequence, you must first adopt a stationary position in which the distance between the feet should not be greater than that of the hips.

The bar on a rack, take the bar and straighten it in order to go down in the eccentric phase and thus tighten the muscles so that they store energy by applying pressure to the hamstring muscles, making sure that the bar does not touch them. The land to be returned to the concentric phase

While lowering the weight, your back should be straight and your abdominal muscles should be tight. However, it will be necessary to avoid excessive contracting of the neck. Once you have lowered the weight as low as possible, you can now come back again by pushing your torso outward at the end of the movement.

Deadlift sumo

In the way of execution, the sumo deadlift looks identical to the classic deadlift. The only criterion for differentiation is related to the distance of the legs. Indeed, in the classic deadlift, the feet are distributed in proportion to the width of the shoulders while in the second case, the gap is much larger. In addition, the sumo deadlift is an ideal exercise for training the quads, adductors, lower back muscles, traps, and even the butt.

Also, this type of deadlift is called sumo deadlift because the starting position of the one who decides to practice it is similar to that of sumo. Also, it is crucial that it allows you to lift heavy bars due to its relatively low range of motion.

How do you do the deadlift?

The deadlift is an exercise that is performed with good technique. For this reason, it is important that if you decide to practice it, you respect the different rules that have been enacted for each type. Respecting the correct postures and correct sequences will allow you not only to protect yourself, but also to enjoy all the fun that this activity provides.

In addition, if you are a beginner and feel interest in this discipline, it is highly recommended that you opt for training sessions with professionals and experienced in this field. If you prefer to train remotely or at home, you can also practice by watching videos. For this purpose, the YouTube platform will be of great use to you.

Why the deadlift?

There are many reasons to die because of the benefits. First of all, it is a great way to work on your physical condition. In fact, this multi-joint exercise allows you to work out many of your muscles, whatever their nature. As a result, it promotes their development and strengthening. It is also an excellent choice for improving bodybuilding.

Aside from its benefits in terms of physical conditions, the deadlift also allows you to work on your posture. Because it includes several times the muscles of the back and abdomen, which means that it provides the possibility for the exerciser to modify and straighten them. Thus, it allows you to maintain an incurable state of health.

In general, sports and deadball can improve self-confidence. Indeed, the success of the various sequences to be performed requires that the practitioner have absolute confidence in his or her mathematical and mental abilities. Therefore, a person who practices it regularly is more likely to develop a very high level of self-confidence. It's also a good way to break your limits and get over yourself.

Along the same lines, the deadlift improves both breath and body control. In fact, by practicing this discipline, you will have to perform certain actions such as holding your breath, tensing your muscles, which will allow you to learn to listen better and understand your body.

Deadlift Record Deadlift

In addition to its athletic nature, the deadlift is also a way for some to come together around the same identity and share experiences. Even better, for some it has become a way to compare themselves with others, to face challenges, and this is since the famous actor Arno Schwarzenegger created a competition: Arnold Classic dedicated entirely to him. The competition arouses so much interest that

 several world records have been set there. This is the case of the current 501-kilogram world record held by Haffbur Julius Bjornsson, his nickname "The Mountain". It should be noted that he had already achieved such a feat a year ago, by removing Eddie Hall from his record-holding chair thanks to his 500-kilogram weight.

In view of all these aspects, it is necessary to frankly emphasize that deadlift is an exercise regime that provides health and fulfillment to its practitioners. So feel free for a moment to get started.


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