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The Crush Effect: The Simple Trick for Effortless Weight Loss

 The Crush Effect: The Simple Trick for Effortless Weight Loss

Chew more to eat less... No, this is not a new political slogan but a slimming trick called the 'crisis effect'. We tell you all about this amazing concept that is supposed to help us lose weight easily.

Common sense advice to eat less food without getting discouraged. This is how the "crisis effect" is summed up. In French, the word "crisis" means grinding.

What is the effect of crunching?

Simply put, it's about chewing food less. Adherents of the crisis effect are already convinced that our hearing of the chewing will significantly reduce the amount of food we eat. A trend considered by US researchers from Brigham Young University and Colorado State University, as part of a study published in the specialized journal Food Quality and Preference. So, does the crisis effect really work as an appetite suppressant? According to scholars, the answer is yes!

To achieve this result, they performed several experiments on a test panel. Among them, eating pastries with or without headphones. The verdict is clear: People who wore headphones with music to mask the chewing noise ate an average of 4 pieces of pastry, compared to 2.75 pieces of pastry for participants

 who were not exposed to any ambient noise. "The difference may seem small, but it builds up over a week, a month, or a year," explains Ryan Elder, one of the study's authors. “Sound is the forgotten meaning when it comes to food. However, focusing more on the sound of food will make it possible to eat less food,” the researcher adds in a press release.

Remove extraneous noise

In conclusion, the more aware we are of the noises we make while eating, the less we eat. This makes it possible to realize the amount of food we eat. In other words, it's about 'conscious eating'. But suddenly, the opposite works, too.

Thus, we tend to snack in front of the TV because the sound from the device masks the noise of the food and prevents us from perceiving how many candy or chips we are eating. A tip to avoid this: Turn off the TV and radio - perhaps ask the kids to be quiet - and eat in peace. According to science, it makes you lose weight. Anyway, it costs nothing to try!


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