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The 12-5-30 Method: What is this exercise routine that allows you to lose weight sustainably and effectively?

The 12-5-30 Method: What is this exercise routine that allows you to lose weight sustainably and effectively?

Lose weight by walking on a treadmill, this is the promise of the 12-5-30 method developed by American influencer Lauren Giraldo. What is the principle of this sports routine that is gaining more and more followers? Does this program really allow you to lose weight effectively and sustainably? We are staying with athletic trainer Kevin Priolle.

After the 3-3-3 method, the 12-5-30 method is becoming more and more popular on social networks and attracts many Internet users. This gym routine was developed by influencer Lauren Giraldo. The 12-5-30 method is not new. The young woman had already shared her show in a video posted on her Youtube channel in 2019.

Last November, she posted a video on TikTok, which garnered around 2.7 million likes. In the latter, she explained how she had lost almost 14 kilos. "Before, I was afraid of the gym and it wasn't motivating. But now I go there, I just do this method and feel good about myself. (...) It's been two years since I've been able to stabilize my weight," she said.

What is the 12-5-30 method?

The 12-5-30 method is an exercise routine that must be performed on the treadmill. Principle: Walk at a speed of 5 km per hour on an inclined incline of 12% for 30 minutes. Obviously, the treadmill speed should be set to 5 and the tilt to 12% to try this method. Lauren Giraldo recommends doing this program 5 times a week to achieve the desired results.

And the young woman told American media today, last December, that she developed this exercise routine because she does not like to run. “I started playing with the treadmill settings. At the time, the incline of the treadmill in my gym could go up to 12%. I felt good when I walked, and my grandmother always told me 30 minutes of exercise a day was enough. So The method was created,” the influencer developed.

The 12-5-30 method: Is it suitable for everyone?

According to athletic trainer Kevin Priolle, this exercise routine can be challenging for individuals who haven't been physically active for a while. "This method can be difficult, even painful, for people who are overweight," he says. "It must be adapted to their physical capabilities."

“For someone who is just starting out, a 12% incline is really high and walking 30 minutes can be too long. Walking can be an effective part of an exercise program, but you have to take it gradually,” the American newspaper told Michelle Stanton, Washington. Post, co-author of The Walking Solution and American Council on Exercise is a certified fitness trainer.

Lauren Giraldo admitted to the media today that performing the 12-5-30 method was no picnic during the early weeks. “It was an ordeal at first, and it took me a few months to start really enjoying the training. I had to try to find the courage to walk for 30 minutes. I couldn't do it without losing my breath and would take a break after 10 or 15 minutes.”

The 12-5-30 Method: Is This Exercise Routine Dangerous For Your Health?

Kevin Priol believes that the 12-5-30 method is not dangerous to health because the person who practices it is only walking. An athletic trainer considers this exercise routine to be less aggressive to the joints than running, which can cause shock.

However, he points out that this exercise routine can lead to injuries, such as Achilles tendonitis, if one is not in the habit of exercising and if one follows this program every day. "On an incline, the foot will be stretched rather than flat. This engages the Achilles tendon and can hurt if not given enough time for the muscles, tendons, and joints to recover."

Is the 12-5-30 method really effective for weight loss?

For Kevin Priolle, the method devised by Lauren Giraldo is "interesting" because it allows for cardio and muscle strengthening, which burns calories. He explains that the incline of the treadmill increases the heart rate, works the lower extremities and develops the buttocks.

The athletic trainer points out that thanks to this program, overweight people who haven't exercised can lose weight faster than those who are used to exercising and who don't have a lot of pounds to lose.

He points out, "The body simplifies our lives. When we make an effort several times and its performance is complex, we will make sure that the fat is eliminated faster so that the effort is easier to achieve."

Kevin Priol still recommends switching up exercises. Another tip: Follow a balanced and varied diet to get good results.

The 12-5-30 method: How do you get started?

A trainer advises people who aren't used to exercising to start trying this method on the flat or by setting the incline of the treadmill to 4 or 5%. He also recommends walking for 10 or 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

Kevin Priol recommends doing the 12-5-30 method two or three times a week and choosing another exercise program on the other days. “For starters, it is always important to have a recovery day because the body needs at least 24 hours of rest between each session to recover,” he explained. "You don't necessarily have to follow the 12-5-30 letter method, but listen to your body and do it gradually," added the athletic trainer.


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