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Thalasso Hydrotherapy: 8 Slimming Remedies for Permanent Weight Loss

 Thalasso Hydrotherapy: 8 Slimming Remedies for Permanent Weight Loss

Get away from it all, relax, pamper yourself and find your personality at the same time, what a marvel! Tailor-made accommodation that inspires you.

Roscoff, a redesigned silhouette

The Promise. Target the areas to be treated as a priority, and start losing weight aggressively by learning how to eat a healthy diet.

the program. A well-dosed cocktail of slimming and toning treatments (with slimming massage, P5 therapy, dermatology, jet shower, and group sessions of water activities), along with relaxing (and rare) treatments like a 50-minute Chinese belly massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Bach flowers to live in Harmony with your emotions, seaweed wraps, hydromassage baths ...

We saw. Good experience in slimming and personal care. Goal setting, evaluation, coaching and supervision sessions are very serious. A special reference to the nutrition workshop and the place for relaxation.

In Saint-Jean-de-Monts, focus on cellulite

The Promise. Sustainably reduce the aesthetic and medical defects of cellulite.

the program. Diet workshops for in-depth nutritional rebalancing. Seawater slimming treatments (Phytomer, endermologie), body massages with revitalizing treatments (massage jet shower, water activities) or relaxing treatments such as sea wraps or thermally active seaweed wraps, hydromassage baths. Plus, diet workshop with brochure and comprehensive in-store training to learn how to decode labels.

We saw. Treatments are customized, goals are clearly defined at the beginning of treatment, and final evaluation allows you to assess progress. Very good escort.

Anti-cellulite slimming treatment, 6 days with 24 treatments without accommodation, €1056. With accommodation in Résidence Atlantic Golf Valdys, 1,266 euros. At the *** Hotel Atlantic Thalasso & Spa Valdes, 1770 euros.

At Le Polo, the drinking and cooking therapy workshop

The Promise. Find your ideal weight, lose weight permanently by gaining good nutritional feedback and an adaptive lifestyle.

the program. Developed with physicians and specialists, it offers a drinking therapy and four daily spa treatments (jet shower, hydromassage shower, whirlpool, walking trail), plus four activities spread throughout the week (conference and diet counseling, physical conditioning, and a cooking workshop with Dietitian, plus access to the vaporarium).

We saw. Good balance between treatments, physical activities and updated nutritional principles.

Bonus feature: Saunas that promote liver and digestive health. All in an idyllic setting and completely open to nature.

Mini slimming treatment, Thermes du Boulou, La Chaîne thermale du Soleil, 6 days with 44 treatments without accommodation, from €405.

At Eugenie-les-bains a very comprehensive care

The Promise. Soften the whole body, stimulate blood circulation, dissolve cellulite and regulate metabolism.

the program. Specifically designed by the team physician, it is organized around thermal treatments (light showers, high pressure and jet showers, mud baths, etc.). In addition, a 45-minute nutritional assessment, a “slimming circuit” fitness session, a water block session, a “wrapping” session, a group sophrology session, and a thermal water gymnastics session.

We saw. Comprehensive care and care team. An individual nutritional assessment is a real plus to establishing good eating habits over time.

Note: Aqua Empress, one of the springs at the resort, has sulfur and sodium bicarbonate. Primarily dispensed as a drinking treat, it has diuretic and purifying properties that help regulate metabolism, reduce weight and cellulite.

Active slimming treatment, Thermes d'Eugénie-les-Bains, La Chaîne thermale du Soleil, 6 days with 30 treatments without accommodation, from 490 €.

In Pornic, concentration of trace elements

The Promise. Enhancing vital energy, leaving a flat stomach and better digestive comfort thanks to intestinal rebalancing; It also strengthens its immune defenses.

the program. It combines marine treatments rich in trace elements and minerals, with a course of Quinton's immune-boosting serum, and an organic detox diet. The residency begins with an in-depth medical examination, followed by a diet consultation and an Oligoscan session. This is followed by hydromassage baths with seaweed, mud wraps, soothing showers or jets, oxygen, a three-salt body scrub, and massages with organic essential oils. As an option, analysis of the intestinal microflora.

We saw. The focus is on digestive comfort, the foundation of slimness and a slim waist. As for strengthening the immune defenses, it has its place now! The care is complete, the medical follow-up is serious, and the nutritional workshops are really professional.

In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, special curves translated

The Promise. Strengthen your body by targeting specific areas, remineralize your body and relax.

the program. Seawater treatments combined with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. The treatment begins with a one-hour nutritional consultation and body exfoliation in preparation for the treatments. On the menu, body remineralization and relaxation with a massage under the sea water rain, marine hydro models in a private pool of hot sea water, and water jets. Private slimming treatments with Lyashi Dôme (Japanese sauna) sessions, massage, hydromassage and rolling, and body sculpting treatment. And for the silhouette, firming wraps with spirulina, seaweed uses with jock, hydromassage baths with seaweed gel, showers, and aqua-ski sessions.

We saw. With stunning sea views, this fully renovated facility offers a real break to ditch, recharge your batteries, and lose weight, of course.

Silhouette and Nutrition Cure, Thalassore Helianthal Saint-Jean-de-Luz, full board diet, 6 days of 24 treatments and 6 nights full board, in a Superior Double Room, from 1852 EUR.

In Cabourg, the harmony of body and mind

The Promise. Make peace with your body (and with your head), and adopt healthy habits that are part of the continuity to start losing weight, and to succeed in stabilizing it. As well as improving the quality of your skin through advanced cosmetic treatments.

the program. Regarding slimming, I consulted a balanced diet with rainwater massages and seaweed gel shower applications, and jet showers to improve the silhouette. On the 'relaxation and beauty' side are body sculpting and iPulse sessions for cellulite removal, facials, silhouette training, full body cryotherapy sessions, Lyashi Dôme (Japanese sauna) and pseudoscience. Also aquapower, aquabiking and aquajump.

In Ruian, food control is very good

The Promise. Refine your silhouette thanks to nutritional biology, and find a strong, toned body by combining seawater treatments with balanced nutrition.

the program. Nutritional consultation, Flexible assessment, Scrub with oils and flower petals to prepare the body for treatments, and of course targeted slimming treatments (body sculpting, hypnotherapy or sulfurology, Ipulse, slimming wraps, Yashi Dome or Japanese sauna), remineralizing treatments (modeling under sea water rain, hydromassage baths enriched with potassium) and drainage treatments (sea baths, cryotherapy, sewage, acupressure); In addition to a water session with a sports coach.

We saw. Good conditioning treatment. It is a really good idea to offer nutritional monitoring of a nutritional chronology during and after treatment to understand the causes of weight gain and initiate permanent weight loss.


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