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Tea, infusions: 12 dehydrating drinks that help detox

 Tea, infusions: 12 dehydrating drinks that help detox

Tea, steeped, boiled, broth... There are a variety of drinks to warm you up during the winter. How do you choose it well when you want to lose a few pounds or detox? Naturopath Catherine Lavigne stocks the best water-draining beverages.

Raclette, gratin d'Auvino, tartflets ... Winter and low temperature encourage cravings for hot and comforting dishes, but more often ... high-calorie dishes. The result: not only do we forget to take care of our health, but we also tend to gain weight.

What if we chose healthy options for heating in this period of extreme cold? To do this, nothing like hot drinks. Tea, infusion, decoction, broth... the possibilities are endless and the benefits too!

Draining Drinks: A Weight Loss Boost

What drinks to have when you want to get rid of them and eliminate them? “It is essential to keep in mind that the beverages are only complementary tools for weight loss,” recalls Catherine Lavigne, naturopath. To start a food rebalance or detox, there are three main pillars: food, physical activity, and mind. “Stress management is important because it is very complicated to lose weight when you have a great emotional load,” emphasizes the naturopath.

Once these three ingredients are put together, it is possible to bet that some detox and slimming drinks are additionally available. Among them, we find the unbeatable green tea! It is rich in antioxidants and thus helps fight free radicals, which is essential when you want to get rid of and eliminate them.

Injections are also a lot of fun when you want to lose weight or detoxify your body. For example, it is possible to bet an anti-flatulent blend based on lemon balm, mint and fennel, or even to combat water retention thanks to a slimming infusion of meadowsweet, orthosiphon, planetary grass, belozel, and birch.

Infusion and tea ... How to prepare hot drinks correctly?

To get the most out of the healing effects of these plants, it is advisable to avoid consuming them in sachets. It is best to buy them in bulk in organic stores, pharmacies or herbalists. The idea? Create your own mini mix!

What about quantities? "We put two to three teaspoons of the selected botanical mixture in a liter of water and drink three to four cups a day," explains Catherine Lavigne. And if the plant is in the form of roots, mix 30 g with one liter of water.

The preparation of the drink depends on the part of the plant chosen. If flowering tops, then the infusion should be done. "We cook the water, heat it to 80 or 90 degrees and pour it over the plants. The active ingredients are very available, water-soluble," adds Naturobach.

When you want to consume a hot drink made from the roots or bark of a plant, you should make a decoction. "We put cold water on the plants and bring the mixture to a boil, then let it heat up for ten minutes, to soften the plant and enjoy its benefits. The last step is to filter the mixture!" Catherine Lavigne explains.


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