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Targeted diet and exercise: How to lose weight in the legs?

 Targeted diet and exercise: How to lose weight in the legs?

We like it to be slim, curved and slender: how to tone your legs without making a lot of effort? Discover all our tips.

It is not a surprise: to lose leg weight, you must first of all follow a healthy and balanced diet.

First, we consume more protein to increase muscle mass, thus burning more calories, even while at rest. We prefer lean proteins (white meat, fish, etc.) and vegetable proteins (legumes, whole grains, etc.), avoiding red meat as much as possible: this actually leads to acidification of the body, which disrupts the thinning phenomenon.

Second, we reduce the intake of saturated fats (animal fats, cheeses, dairy products, deli meats, etc.) and refined sugars (soft drinks, sweets, pastries, etc.) that promote fat storage in specialized cells.

To reduce water retention (which can make your calves greasy), try to reduce salt: beware of industrial dishes, ready-made sauces, smoked foods, etc. In the dish, we rather rely on spices to give flavor to our small plates. Do not forget to drink at least 1 liter of standing water per day: this stimulates lymphatic circulation in the lower extremities.

Any final advice? Saturate the fruits and vegetables: those rich in potassium (potatoes, spinach, bananas, lentils) fight water retention that can make your calves fat while lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, red fruits and grapes fight cellulite making thighs grow!

Lose your legs: bet on fitness

Exercise 1: Squats to purify the thighs

Basic position: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and descend as if you were sitting, stopping when your thighs and leg form a 90 angle. Extend your arms horizontally and looking away in front of you, slowly ascend as you exhale.

If you have knee pain, don't go down too much. Keep your back straight, do not arch. Start with 3 x 15 repetitions each day.

When you feel comfortable, switch to spreading the squat: spread your legs slightly, and turn your toes outward. Take a deep breath and raise your arms for balance. Push hard on the heel to go up.

Exercise 2: The dancer to refine the calves

Standing, tilt your pelvis forward slightly to tighten your abdominal muscles. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your feet out. The arms are placed along the body or extended horizontally for better balance.

Stand on your tiptoes and slowly bend your knees while inhaling (through your nose). Ascend slowly as you exhale (through the mouth). Repeat at least 15 times a day and gradually increase the limit!

Recommendations to follow to lose weight in the legs

Aquabiking, water sports and swimming are ideal sports for slimming legs: a water massage fights water retention and cellulite. To avoid: cycling and running, which strengthen the legs and can cause a "bloating effect."

Against cellulite that expands the thighs, we rely without hesitation on body massage, which is a muscle massage that acts directly on the cells that store fat. It is done at least twice a week using a suitable cream/oil. Even the bravest can invest in an anti-cellulite suction cup.

For thin legs, you can also choose a phytotherapy solution: herbal tea every evening made with red grapes and / or hibiscus, it's the best! Also consider the 'dietary supplement' option: ask your pharmacist for advice.


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