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Sugar Cravings: 6 Natural Solutions To Fight These Cravings

 Sugar Cravings: 6 Natural Solutions To Fight These Cravings

When a sugar craving strikes, it's often hard to ignore. However, there are natural tips to avoid snacking between meals. Essential oils, plants, breathing exercises… Catherine Lavigne, a naturopath, gives us her tips to reduce this craving for food.

It is not uncommon for sugar cravings to occur between meals or at the end of the day. This craving may prompt you to snack on sweet foods to fill it up. However, we know that snacking can be harmful to our health. It exposes you to potential weight gain, but also to an increased risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Naturopathic therapist Kathryn Lavigne reveals her natural tips for reducing sugar cravings.

Allied anti-craving essential oils

Catherine Lavigne's first tip: Cinnamon essential oil. "It can be used by smelling or massaging. In this second case, it should be well diluted up to a maximum of 10% in vegetable oil, because it can be very sensitive [risk of irritation, even skin burns, editor's note] to the skin," explains Naturobach. Before adding: "Sniffing the essential oil of cinnamon allows you to affect the nervous system. Once you're craved, you open the bottle and inhale its scent. This prevents you from going to the action."

It is also possible to prepare a mixture of essential oils to reduce sugar cravings. In a roll, just put 10-20% of the essential oils and dilute them in vegetable oil. So you can add a little cinnamon, as well as essential oils that calm the nervous system such as tangerine, grapefruit or sweet orange. These products combat the effects of stress often associated with food cravings. Catherine Lavigne also recommends lavender and mother-of-pearl essential oils. With each pulse, take out a roll and put a little preparation on your wrists to cool yourself down.

Get close to your nose to smell it: Essential oils act very quickly, especially when ingested by smell. The aromatic molecules then pass through the olfactory nerve and directly reach the nervous system. However, the precaution is in order. The use of essential oils can be dangerous for pregnant and breastfeeding women, so it is recommended that you discuss them with a professional before using the essential oil.

Herbal tea to reduce sugar cravings

Thanks to their therapeutic advantages, some infusions of plants also reduce sugar cravings. Catherine Lavigne particularly recommends an infusion of cinnamon, chamomile, lemon blossom, and mint. "These drinks contain many active ingredients. You can have three large cups a day. However, you can limit your consumption to 75 cl, because the injections can have diuretic effects that make the kidneys work," outlines the naturopath.

Griffonia, a plant for stress and sweet impulses

Griffonia is especially recommended to quell sugar cravings. because of ? It contains 5-HTP, a precursor to serotonin which is the neuromodulator of rest and relaxation. Serotonin is also a precursor to melatonin, the sleep hormone.

“This plant allows you to relax and fight sugar cravings. It is really effective if you have food cravings around 5-6 pm. You can then take a food supplement based on the griffonia plant. This plant is such a good mood plant It works on the psychological and emotional side. Serotonin also has positive effects on our mood and appetite, " specifies Catherine Lavigne.

Cardio Hold: A breathing exercise to control sugar cravings

Cardiac coherence consists of synchronizing your breathing with your heartbeat. To help you, you can download the Relax app on your phone. It is recommended to perform this exercise three times a day for it to be really effective.

“The principle of cardiac coherence is 6 breaths per minute. The activity lasts 5 minutes. I recommend it for people with compulsive eating problems. This exercise affects the nervous system and helps lower blood pressure. Before every meal to relax and adjust our relationship with food.

Bach flowers to calm food cravings

It is essential to find the origin of the food drive before using Bach flowers. This elixir works on emotions and can help beat sugar cravings. In particular, Catherine Lavigne recommends:

Rocky water: helps calm hard-to-control fears

Star of Bethlehem: It works on emotional trauma that can then lead to a food campaign

Heather: This article is recommended for people who have a complex relationship with food. The latter may feel a sense of emptiness that needs to be filled even after eating.

With each pulse, you can dilute a few drops of Bach flowers in a glass of water or place them directly under the tongue. It can be taken two to three times a day.

Eat a good diet to avoid sugar cravings

According to Catherine Lavigne, sugar cravings can be due to poor meal composition. Some people do not consume enough protein, which increases food cravings throughout the day. The specialist explains that "eating protein without linking it to carbohydrates can also cause sugar cravings. It is then necessary to make adjustments in the diet so that everything is fine."

People who eat little fruit are also more likely to be affected by sugar cravings. The fructose in the fruit supplies the body with natural sugar and relieves food cravings.

“Micronutrient deficiencies can also cause cravings. Chromium is a trace element used by people who are attracted to sugar. In a chromium deficiency, the insulin mechanism works less and the body “demands more sugar.” Supplementation with chromium helps regulate insulin levels and facilitates the entry of sugar into our cells,” adds Catherine Lavigne.


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