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Sugar addict, nervous, tendency to winter detox program as per my profile

 Sugar addict, nervous, tendency to winter detox program as per my profile

Nothing like "cleansing" to feel lighter with more enthusiasm. Discover your program specially designed to gain vitality!

Do not confuse a "detox" with a slimming regime: the goal is not the same. Intelligent Detox aims to improve the proper functioning of elimination systems such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin and eliminate toxins and toxins.

Target ? Restore good balance (as best as possible!), in order to avoid diseases. For this, a tailored strategy is needed: nutrition plays a central role, but plants and micro-nutrition, as well as techniques for draining well-being and physical activity will improve the results of winter detox.

In which profile do I introduce myself?

Profil 1 : "Je suis addict au sucre"

J'aime terminer mon repas sur un dessert comme une compote ou un yaourt aux fruits et, dans la semaine, j'avoue qu'il me faut ma dose de chocolat et de pâtisseries, sinon lacked.

Profile 2: “I stress and I snack”

A handful of almonds here and there, a piece of fruit from time to time, a diet biscuit before sports or a meeting... Food calms me, strengthens me or helps me avoid boredom.

Profile 3: “I tend to overeat”

I've learned to finish my plate and need to feel full (it calms me down). Because I love the joy of joyful meals, I associate abundance with pleasure.

After detoxing?

When the goal is reached: energy is better (fewer shifts during the day), skin is brighter, breathing is less powerful. It would be a shame to waste all efforts by acquiring so many bad habits.

To maintain results, it is necessary to re-evaluate your consumption parameters: ban processed products (so buy more fresh produce and process them in your kitchen), reduce sugar consumption (avoid sweet snacks and regular sweets) and starch. With this in mind, it is possible to follow the keto diet one to two days per week.

Expert tip: 'Fasting is simple and healthy'

3 Questions to Raphaël Gruman, Dietitian, Co-author of Menopause Without the Kilos (Editions Leduc.s).

Is detoxing necessary today?

Yes, because we live in a more polluted environment than before: this has to do with the air we breathe, the water we drink, the cosmetics we put on the skin, as well as our everyday foods. New toxins are emerging: chemical additives in food products, antibiotic residues in products of animal origin, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, etc. However, many of these substances act to impair the functioning of the endocrine glands.

Reaction to avoid poisoning?

It is necessary to understand that sugar is highly toxic: pro-inflammatory, it generates a metabolic disorder that affects (and disrupts) the entire organism, from the pancreas to the brain, including the intestinal flora. It is present in homemade jams and cakes, of course, but also in almost all industrial products (including delicious preparations) in the form of added glucose-fructose (isoglucose), corn syrup, dextrose, invert sugar ...

Are we afraid of fasting?

Short-term fasting, for example during one day, has no drawbacks. On the contrary, fasting is one of the best ways to help the body get rid of pollutants. You just have to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. In fact, the body is quite capable of going without food for a few days, but not water! Especially for the purpose of detoxification: it is necessary to drink as long as the urine is not clear.


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