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Spiritual Detox: A New Way to Lose Weight Permanently

 Spiritual Detox: A New Way to Lose Weight Permanently

We stop focusing on the contents of our plate or on the needle of the scale. Losing weight starts with working on yourself to discover your "true self"! This is the doctrine of spiritual detoxing, a growing slimming tendency.

What do Coldplay's Chris Martin, director Tim Robbins, and designer Stella McCartney have in common? All of these celebrities follow the teachings of Dr. Habib Sadeghi, an expert in integrative medicine, nicknamed by the stars the "Awakened Soul Doctor." Among this elegant patient base, there's also actress Gwyneth Paltrow who ushered in the work of the new guru of Hollywood luxury: "Spiritual

 Detox." (Church Midi ed.). “Her understanding of the interplay between mind, body, and spirit allows her to make drastic changes in the lives of her patients, myself included,” writes the person who has starred in many of the Iron Man films. He understood what modern medicine is only just beginning to discover, which is that thoughts and feelings have an effect. much greater upon health than we realize. Whatever ailments we suffer, healing, to be complete and lasting, must begin on a deeper level."

To lose weight: you have to change the way you think

Besides the people aspect, spiritual detox is a new way of realizing weight problems that cannot be solved with frequent diets or the magic wand. To lose weight, the solution inevitably requires long and deep introspection. Above all, people looking to lose weight should not rely on experts alone (nutritionists, athletic trainers, etc.) in the hope that they will work miracles in their medical practice. While they can support patients in their change process, they cannot do the work for them. “The

 solution is within you, insists Dr. Sadeghi. We must break out of the mental pattern from childhood that makes us make the same mistakes and prevents us from realizing ourselves and losing weight. To heal or see real change happen in your life, you have to address the situation on three fronts at the same time: the body Mind and soul. The flaw in most medical, psychological, and nutritional therapies is

 their insistence on treating the higher layers of existence. It's like treating the symptoms rather than the cause." One of the best ways to help yourself lose weight is to change the way you think, otherwise the hellish pattern will repeat itself.: we lose weight, we gain weight, we feel depressed, we eat again, we gain weight, we diet again, etc. This is how we confine ourselves to a mental loop.

Diet: Stop the misconceptions

Or rather, negative thoughts that eat us from the inside like "I'm ugly". "My mother always tells me that." “No one falls in love with ugly people,” “since I’m ugly, I’ll end up on my own” … “By discovering old unconscious beliefs and challenging their validity we can free ourselves from them,” believes Dr. Sadeghi. It is not so simple because these negative beliefs go back to childhood and have become ingrained in our personality over time. However, whether concerns are relational, financial,

 medical, or aesthetic, the source of all of them is lack of self-love and self-love. Dr. Sadeghi does not deny it: it takes time and courage to carefully study an individual's value system. touches intimacy. "To question one's deepest beliefs is to question oneself, the ego, the small self. The error does not go deep enough. We sincerely try to change our thought patterns, but because we want to change a superficial belief and not the belief that supports it, progress is ultimately minimal" .

Spiritual Detox: 6 Keys to Losing Weight... Differently

Put an end to the pressure of goals: With the diet, we put ourselves under crazy pressure! Wanting to lose quickly, minus 3 kg in a month before the beach or your wedding, is wrong! You have to break away from the "goals" to be achieved and the "deadline" that hide the underlying problem and reformulate these ideas to see them from the opposite angle. "Take a few moments to write down the beliefs about weight that affect your life," advises Dr. Sadeghi. Try turning them into positive affirmations about what you really want.

Being responsible for one's choices: this is undoubtedly the most difficult thing to admit, but we ourselves create the conditions of our existence through the beliefs we have chosen. "Until we understand that total responsibility and total authority are two sides of the same coin, it is impossible to change, asserts Dr. Sadeghi. We create our lives through free will, allowing us at every moment to choose what we want to believe and think."

Vocabulary change: This is an exercise that can be done right away. Idea: Avoid negative forms by omitting all "no", "no", "no", "more"... and also "should" or "I should have"... because these vocabulary always refer to a certain amount of judgment that generates feelings Fear, guilt, or shame. "Choose instead: I can, suggests Dr. Sadeghi. It means you have a choice, that gives you strength, without sounding like an alarm."

Think Like a Skinny Person: This is similar to the Coué method, but it's worth a try. In a restaurant, for example, order your meals like a skinny person would, suggests Dr. Sadeghi. Enjoy sweets, take a walk, exercise, and say 'no thanks' to treat yourself like you're good at your body...and soon you really will be! Your body will react! And it will be in tune with your new state of consciousness.”

Escaping Toxic Friends Some people emit negative emotions and deceptively comfort us from the idea that we are a "big sucker." For Dr. Sadeghi: “It is very important to connect with people who lift us up and support us, who make us laugh and with whom we feel good.”

Be patient: we didn't gain weight in one day and we won't lose weight in one. It's for sure. If diets don't work, it's because we're obsessed with the needle of the scales when we should be working on our overweight problem at the beginning of the road. The path to discovering the "true self" and regaining freedom of thought and living with our bodies unimpeded is not a long, quiet river. But each step is a small victory that must be welcomed. “Be sure to congratulate yourself on all your progress,” concludes the author of Spiritual Detox, quoting the Buddha: “All we are is the result of what we thought.” So the solution is in our hands and it belongs to us!


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