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Soy milk: is it compatible with a slimming diet?

 Soy milk: is it compatible with a slimming diet?

Soy milk is increasingly popular as an alternative to cow's milk. Dietitian and nutritionist Anne Jello reveals the benefits of this drink for a slimming diet, but also the precautions to take. We are evaluating.

While dieting, it is important to take care of your diet by eating healthy, balanced meals. It is also recommended to combine these good dietary practices with regular physical activity. Sport allows for weight loss, but also to improve the quality of life and prevent the risks of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

For several years, plant-based drinks have been increasingly popular to replace cow's milk. Soybean drink is especially widely consumed. Since 2017, the term "soy milk" no longer exists. A European regulation states that it is now necessary to say "juice" or "drink" from soybeans. Is this drink compatible with a diet? We did an evaluation with Anne Guillot, a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

What are the nutritional values ​​of soy milk?

According to Anne Guillot, a soy drink has many benefits that can be associated with a diet. One of its advantages is that it is lower in calories (36 kcal per 100 g) compared to semi-skimmed cow’s milk (47 kcal per 100 g) and the amount of fat is equivalent to that of semi-skimmed milk, but the fat content is more interesting, it is a phrase About polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 ", the specialist explains.

A soy drink also contains a good amount of vitamin B9 (26 micrograms per 100 grams). Also called folic acid, this element reduces fatigue and promotes the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems. "It's also rich in protein, but unlike semi-skimmed cow's milk, it's low in calcium," adds Ann Jello.

There are several ways to incorporate soy drinks into a slimming diet. Classic cow's milk can be replaced with this drink. You can, for example, add it to a quiche, dessert, shake or porridge while maintaining the same proportions that are specified for cow's milk.

How to choose the right soy milk?

For several years, soy drink has become very popular. Therefore, these products are sold in various forms in supermarkets or organic stores. As part of a slimming diet, it is better to be careful about the product by knowing its composition before buying it. According to Anne Guillot, some soy drinks contain added sugars. The latter are more calories and therefore less useful for a diet.

" It is preferable to choose an organic soy drink that has few additives. Another important point: it should satisfy you from the point of view of taste ", the nutritionist specifies. You can also have a light soy drink. They are interesting for a diet because they contain good fats (1.3 grams per 100 grams) and proteins (2.5 grams per 100 grams).

Soy milk: what precautions to take?

Originally from East Asia, soybeans are a legume that contains isoflavones. Currently, there are no recommendations for these botanicals. Isoflavones are not necessarily good for the body, especially in the long run. A 250ml soy drink contains about 20mg of isoflavones. So I recommend drinking a quart of isoflavones. Today. Better still Careful," confirms Ann Gelo.

According to the nutritionist, the risks of isoflavones have not yet been determined, but it is necessary to avoid consuming too large quantities. because of ? These plant substances can lead to powerful hormonal effects. "A person is more or less receptive to isoflavones depending on the composition of

 the gut flora. Some may be very receptive to a small amount while others are not." It is therefore difficult to make a general public health recommendation regarding the potential dangers of isoflavones in soy drinks. "However, I remain very cautious in my practice, especially with young women. I generally advise them to avoid or limit their consumption of soy drinks"The specialist adds.

Ann Gilot also insists on another point: Soy beverage is very low in calcium. Therefore, it does not replace cow's milk, which is high in calcium. "Some may think that this drink is equivalent to cow's milk, but this is wrong, because they do not take in the same amount of calcium as they do. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink a large amount of soy drink a day to replace cow's milk," the dietitian recalls.


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