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Soup Diet: Fat Burner or Danger?

 Soup Diet: Fat Burner or Danger?

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a quick diet that aims to achieve significant weight loss in a very short time. It consists of eating vegetable soup mainly with every meal, accompanied by low-fat foods: poultry, yogurt, tofu, fruits, etc. The Fat Burning Soup Diet is famous for losing weight very quickly.

Features of the cabbage soup diet:

Attack phase and stabilization phase

Losing weight very quickly

Consumption of vegetable soup and fat-free foods

The diet is relatively monotonous and difficult to follow in the long run

Risk of weight gain after stopping the program

Basic principles of the diet

The cabbage soup diet is said to have been developed in an American hospital with the goal of making obese people lose weight quickly before surgery. The ease and speed of weight loss made this diet popular, at one point, in the United States and Europe.

How does the cabbage soup diet work?

The soup diet consists of two phases, each lasting 7 days:

and herbs. They should not be mashed in order to maintain the saturating effect of the whole vegetable and can be eaten as desired. The first stage should allow you to lose between 4 and 8 kg.

The stability phase of the cabbage soup diet is relatively similar to the attack phase. However, add 1 to 2 starchy foods during the day in small amounts.

How does the soup diet make you lose weight?

Unbleached soup makes it possible to feel well full and thus leads to the consumption of less food. The lack of starch in the first week also leads to weight loss because the body will rely on its reserves of fat to produce energy, which will result in it not being supplied with enough carbohydrates. Finally, it is a diet that focuses primarily on vegetables and has no place for fatty, sugary and processed products. Thus, the calorie intake on a normal day is very low and necessarily leads to significant weight loss.

How long does the cabbage soup diet last?

This is a short diet that should not last more than two weeks. Moreover, it can be dangerous for the body and lead to risks of deficiency and severe fatigue. On top of that, it doesn't really change your eating habits, so it will definitely lead to weight gain as you resume a traditional diet afterward. The longer the diet, the higher the risk of the yo-yo effect. In any case, it is not recommended to maintain such a diet over time.

Allowed foods

In the soup diet, you can eat a soup of 9 vegetables, vegetables, fruits (in small quantities), and lean proteins.

In the stabilization phase, we tolerate 1 or 2 starchy foods during the day (wholemeal bread, potatoes, etc.).

Are there more effective cabbage soup recipes for slimming?

In the cabbage soup diet, the main recipe is a mixture of soups made from different vegetables. It usually includes onions, garlic, cabbage and other vegetables such as celery, peppers, or tomatoes. There is, a priori, a more effective diet soup recipe than others. The important thing is to choose vegetables that are free from starch (without potatoes or peas for example) and relatively low in calories. To avoid monotony and consume enough nutrients, it is also recommended to make diet soups by changing recipes every day.

forbidden foods

As with most restrictive diets, the soup diet burns fat and eliminates a large number of foods:

Processed, fresh, canned and frozen ready meals

Sweet products, candy, honey, chocolate, jam, etc.

Cookies, cakes, pastries, etc.

Fats, fried foods and breadcrumbs

Fast food

Dishes rich in sauce, cream or butter


Sweetened fruit juices, soft drinks, juices, etc.

Cabbage soup diet: 1 week diet plan

One of the most popular cabbage soup diets is the cabbage soup diet that involves drinking only cabbage soup and with each meal for 7 days in the attack phase. Then add the following foods:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

As desired Cabbage soup Cabbage soup Cabbage soup Cabbage soup Cabbage soup Cabbage soup Cabbage soup Cabbage soup

Add food Fruits Whole green vegetables Fruits and vegetables Bananas (2 to 3 per day) and skim milk

Poultry tomato vegetables

Steamed brown rice

Steamed vegetables

Squeezed fruit juice

Example of a stability day with the Cabbage Soup Diet

After the attack phase, the diet includes 7 days of stabilization during which vegetable soup remains the main ingredient at each meal. However, the meal structure appears to be a bit more natural even though it is still low in calories. In this stabilization stage, the cabbage soup diet allows you to include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes some starches around the soup.


morning snack

soup bowl



Steamed carrots

soup bowl

1/2 watermelon

Afternoon snack

soup bowl

having dinner

Grilled chicken breast


brown rice

soup bowl

Pros and cons

Cabbage soup diet benefits

rapid weight loss

Eat good fiber

Easy to understand and apply

No need to count calories

Requires a little cooking

easy to organize

Disadvantages of the fat burning soup diet

Mealtime monotony

It's hard to follow because it's too restrictive

The yo-yo effect and the almost inevitable weight gain

It may irritate the gut and cause bloating due to its high fiber content

In the long run, there is a risk of deficiency and severe fatigue because the diet does not cover the body's energy needs.

You are not allowed to adopt good eating habits

incompatible with social life

Recommendations and precautions to be taken

Are there risks?

The cabbage soup diet is above all a marketing success. It should not be preserved in the long term as it carries certain risks. On a normal day, whatever the stage, the body's energy and nutrient needs are not covered at all. In the medium or long term, this can lead to deficiencies and fatigue in the body. In addition, the brutality that this diet shows to the body leads to almost systematic weight recovery. After depriving the body of calories and nutrients, it will store more at the slightest deviation and once a normal diet is resumed.

Is this a diet for you?

Only if you are aware of the effects of diet on your body and want to lose 2 to 3 kilos fast before a certain event. In daily life, the daily diet consisting of vegetable soup and lean proteins can be combined at the scheduled times after eating an excess of food to rest the body. The fact of prolonging this diet for several days does not adapt to human physiology.

Is it a diet compatible with sports?

Due to the very restrictive nature of the diet, it is recommended not to exercise intensely in the attack phase. Calorie restriction is really brutal for the body, it can be dangerous to try to outpace yourself. On the other hand, gentle physical activities (walking, swimming, cycling) are always a good idea.

With the Cabbage Soup Diet, what result should we expect?

As we have seen earlier, one should not put too much hope in this diet. Losing weight, of course, is fast and very important, but regaining weight can be just as important. The cabbage soup diet promises to lose more than 5 kg in a week sometimes, which is really very important.

How not to regain weight after the cabbage soup diet in the stabilization stage?

After such a diet, it is difficult not to gain weight. In the long run, it is recommended to include a day of vegetable soup and lean protein after eating the extra food to rest the body. On a daily basis, betting on a diet rich in plants, protein and good fats seems to be the best thing to do to achieve and maintain a physiologically healthy weight. Nutritional frustration does not, in any way, lead to healthy, sustainable weight loss anyway.

Cabbage soup diet: the opinion of a nutritionist

The cabbage soup diet promises impressive weight loss in record time (sometimes 5-7 kg per week), which makes the principle very attractive. However, the results over time do not live up to their promises. In this particular case, a highly restrictive diet is too violent for the body. In addition to the risks of deficiency and fatigue, this always ensures weight regain is equal to (or even greater than) the weight loss observed during the Fat Burning Soup Diet. If integrating a day of food based on soup, vegetables and proteins is a good idea on a very timely basis and following an excess of food, then this type of food is not viable in the long run. In fact, it does not cover the needs


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