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Soft or tense stomach, small tummy: My Flat Stomach Program!

 Soft or tense stomach, small tummy: My Flat Stomach Program!

Caution sensitive area! Kindness, patience, choosing the right exo and the right smart complement are your best allies to act at the source of the problem.

You have a flat stomach...

Does your tummy become particularly sensitive a few days before your period? It swells (sometimes in size), a feeling of congestion, and digestive difficulties add to the discomfort.

The good exo: Sitting, block your bent knees with a belt (closed). Lie on your back (knees always bent). Lift the buttocks while trying to straighten the knees. Hold this position for 8 seconds while blowing (you should feel a contraction in the outer muscles of your pelvis). Return to the starting position and repeat 10 to 15 times.

This movement aims to relieve congestion in the lower abdomen, where blood circulates poorly. It is recommended to do it every day, except before and during menstruation.

I rebalance thanks to plants: when the abdomen and breasts take on volume before menstruation, it is often a question of hormonal imbalance of the type hyperestrogenism (deficiency in progesterone), which must be treated with plants that have a progestin effect, the last 15 days of the cycle. To be tested: Prépause (Inebios), which contains yarrow that works to sooth the intestines.

Helping Hand: Visit an orthopedist. Treatment of the back and pelvis often relieves congestion of the digestive and gynecological organs. And while it spins better, everything deflates!

You have a small box...

Despite the normal weight, the fat cells seem to be very resentful of meeting up in the abdomen. This studded, localized "pillow" often appears around the time of menopause. Hormonal changes cause a different distribution of fat.

Right Exo: The best time to burn belly fat is in the morning, before breakfast. At this time, the insulin level is at its lowest and cortisol is at its highest. Do 30 minutes of "whatever you want" at a cool pace (half an hour of exercise or outdoor cycling, walking, and cover up).

I bet on chromium: The bioavailability of chromium tends to decrease from the age of 40, often leading to weight gain and fat gain. Chromium plays a role in insulin utilization, preventing high triglycerides and the buildup of bad fats in the stomach. Test a 3-month treatment with Chromium Pedolate (Solgar)

Helping hand: apply a slimming cream containing caffeine (Etat Pur caffeine 5%). The principle is not new but has proven itself: caffeine when applied to the skin helps "release fat" trapped in adipocytes. Then it is enough to use it as fuel to get rid of it. For maximum effectiveness, massage yourself with it before exercising and abstain from sugary foods and drinks.

You have a soft stomach...

Even by contracting your abdominal muscles, you have a hard time feeling them hardening! It is common after motherhood, rapid weight loss, long convalescence, or in the case of a chronic sedentary lifestyle.

Good exo: it is necessary to reinforce the "casual". The shape of the abdomen directly depends on its color, as it preserves the organs and prevents them from being "pushed" down and forward. Get on all fours, arms and thighs vertical, back flat, head on the same line with body, look between your hands. Inhale while releasing your abdomen, and exhale as it is inserted (and stretched). To do this, 10 minutes in the morning and evening.

I eat protein in the morning: In addition to working on muscle, start your day with eggs, tofu, fish... Protein is essential to help build muscle tissue (and prevent the wasting that occurs with fat). the age). For those in a hurry: 3 tablespoons of STC Nutrition's "Vegetarian Protein" in almond milk. This supplement for athletes, without additives and vegan, has everything you need.

Helping hand: electrical stimulation gives excellent results for tightening the abdominal muscles, provided that they work actively, that is, taking care to contract (voluntarily and forcefully) the muscles required by the electrical impulses. The correct dose? 15 to 20 minutes every two days. EASY TO USE: Slendertone ABS 8 strap.

My little note for my flat stomach

Tighten the abdomen at least 20 times a day for 10 seconds.

Stop eating snacks and avoid products that contain sugar (glucose and sucrose) and raise blood sugar.

Eat vegetables every day, preferably cooked to avoid bloating and bloating.

Drink in moderation during meals: one to two cups of water so as not to weaken the digestive juices and slow down the digestion process.

Do a gym session at least once a week.

Do 5 to 10 minutes of abs every morning.

- If necessary, wear flat-belly panties to help maintain the tummy.

Avoid low-rise pants, which cut off circulation in the pelvis.

- Ensure its transit, adopting psyllium if necessary

Use fresh aromatic herbs (mint, tarragon, basil) and spices (cilantro, cumin, fennel, star anise, ginger, etc.) to aid digestion and prevent infections.


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