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Slimming meal: what to eat in the evening to lose weight?

 Slimming meal: what to eat in the evening to lose weight?

The evening meal is the subject of many questions when trying to lose weight: What do we eat in the evening to lose weight? Should I not eat at all? Avoid starches?

To sort out all these preconceived notions, our dietitian gives you her tips as well as two examples of slimming meals and diets for the evening.

What to eat in the evening to lose weight?

The evening meal should respond to three main issues: avoid storage so as not to cause weight gain, be digestible so as not to disturb sleep, and provide essential sleep-promoting nutrients.

To address these issues simultaneously, dinner should remain light and nutritious.

How to compose the diet meal in the evening?

200 to 250 g of vegetables: raw vegetables, cooked vegetables or soup;

100 to 125 g of lean protein: poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, and legumes;

120 to 150g of whole grains: quinoa, wholemeal pasta, whole rice, etc. or 40 g of wholemeal bread;

125 grams of yogurt or its equivalent: 125 grams of vegetable yogurt, 100 grams of white cheese, 30 grams of cottage cheese, 2 small Swiss cheese, etc. And the

A source of high-quality fatty acids: 5 ml of vegetable oil, 15 g of oilseeds, etc. ;

1 fresh seasonal fruit or its equivalent: 100 grams of compote, homemade juice, etc.

What foods should be avoided in the evening to lose weight?

On the contrary, certain foods should be avoided in the evening so as not to promote weight gain or disturb sleep with difficulty in digestion. While you sleep, the organism does not sleep! A whole range of physiological processes and mechanisms occur at night.

Eating unsuitable foods can upset the body and lead to sleep disturbances and excessive storage. We also know that poor sleep has a direct impact on weight gain.

List of foods to dispense with at dinner to lose weight

industrial meals and processed foods;

refined cereals and bread;

sugar and sweet products.

Heavy dishes: fried foods, sauce dishes, etc. ;

Fast food ;

Red meat and Charcuterie.

Saturated and trans fats.

Butter, cream and cheese.

coffee ;


Soft drinks and sparkling water.

Should we eat less at night? Nutritionist's opinion

Opinions often differ on this issue. One thing is for sure: the evening meal is not neglected and should account for at least 30 to 35% of the total daily energy intake. Skipping dinner or not eating enough can harm your health and personality.

Light but full dinner

Not eating in the evening can on the one hand disturb sleep and on the other hand promote excessive storage during subsequent meals. Thus, a light and complete dinner with nutritional quality remains the best option for permanent weight loss.

Should starchy foods be eliminated at night?

In fact, this is a very common misconception. The systematic elimination of carbohydrates in the evening is not at all inevitable. On the contrary, starches stimulate the synthesis of tryptophan in the body and promote sleep. Therefore, it may be wise to eat enough whole starches for better sleep.

If starches are eaten in moderation, there is no need to make you fat. It's all about quality and quantity.

Slimming meals: ideas for low-calorie meals

Here are two examples of perfect evening slimming meals. These infrastructures can (and should) be adapted to your specific tastes and needs.

Low calorie evening meal

250 ml zucchini soup with coconut milk and curry;

mushroom omelette

120 gm brown rice

Mango soup with cardamom

Herbal tea for weight loss.

Another meal for dinner in the evening

Roasted vegetable salad with walnut oil.

fish with chives and candied lemon;

120 g of quinoa with small vegetables;

plain yogurt with whole red fruits;

Herbal tea for weight loss.

After dinner: herbal slimming tea recipe for the evening

After a full and balanced dinner, nothing is better than a slimming herbal tea to promote digestion, organ drainage, and burn fat. Here is a slimming herbal tea recipe that contains all the necessary elements to lose weight naturally.

This herbal tea should be drunk after the last meal of the day and at least one hour before bedtime. Ginger and cinnamon enhance digestion and burn fat. On the other hand, lemon helps in the drainage of the digestive system. Finally, fennel has a perfect diuretic effect to prevent water retention and promote its elimination.

Ingredients for one person

1/2 tsp. vinyl seeds;

1 cm ginger root

juice of half a lemon

cinnamon pinch

250 ml of water.

Preparing slimming tea for the evening

To prepare this herbal slimming tea, put all the ingredients in a pot. Pour water over it and bring it to a boil. Allow the herbal tea to steep for 7 to 10 minutes for optimal effect.

Then filter the herbal tea using a strainer and pour it into a cup. You can add a teaspoon of high quality honey to enhance the taste of this herbal tea and make it even more savory.


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