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Slimming: Luxopuncture, a new way to lose weight

 Slimming: Luxopuncture, a new way to lose weight

Reducing snacking, regulating appetite, relieving stress as part of a diet and improving sleep quality: this is what Luxopuncture offers. Zoom in with this painless method, which stimulates reflection points thanks to infrared light.

Luxopuncture, what is it?

Luxopuncture is a painless alternative to acupuncture, which acts on the balance of the body, undermined in particular by disturbances in the hormonal system.

This needle-free method uses infrared light to stimulate specific reflexology points in the body thus restoring the functional balance of the organ.

It can be practiced for various problems: sleep disturbances, concentration problems, stress and exhaustion ... but it has also proven itself as an accompaniment to weight loss, as part of a diet or nutritional rebalancing.

Contraindications: Luxopuncture is not intended for pregnant women and people with seizure disorders. Children can try this method from the age of 6, accompanied by their parents (for anxiety disorders, or in addition to nutritional rebalancing followed by a doctor, for example).

Luxopuncture: How's the session going?

After evaluating the conditions of weight gain: specific causes, type of increase during or outside meals, snacks, quality of sleep, stress level, menopause or menopause, etc., the practitioner will orient her program depending on the person's goals. In particular, it takes into account the need to relax in the event of a snack associated with anxiety, special fatigue or water retention problems, for example.

Then, with an infrared pen, you'll work on the hearing treatment points (at the level of both ears), then the acupuncture points (the face, arms, stomach, thighs, feet, etc.), before ending up with the head.

When these points are stimulated, no pain is felt, only a diffuse sensation of warmth.

Weight loss: Luxopuncture works on different levels

By stimulating these different reflex points, the function of the luxoponecter, always given in addition to the rebalancing of the food or diet, will act at different levels:

- He will play the role of an endocrine regulator.

- Regulates appetite and allows you to regain a feeling of fullness, improve mood, by working on the production of serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with appetite)

It works on the production of dopamine, which is the pleasure hormone, which is particularly responsible for the gnawing and urges one can get in the evening, for example, when one opens the refrigerator and throws oneself at what comes.

- Rebalances the secretion of endorphins, a hormone secreted by the brain, which is associated with sleep, stress and anxiety.

- Improves the work of the digestive system.

- Stimulates the lymphatic system (ideal in case of water retention in particular)

Results of the first sessions

The results on eating behavior or sleep quality can be observed from the first sessions. But it all depends on individual sensitivity. For noticeable results on the silhouette, it takes 12 sessions.

To stimulate weight loss, a weekly 30-minute session is recommended. Then once a month for stability, before spacing sessions every other month.

In 12 sessions (plus rebalancing or dieting), we can hope to lose 10 kg.

You will find many addresses, all over France, but be careful when choosing your practitioner. Always go to an authorized center, where employees will be trained in this method.


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