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Slimming Legs With Cracks: 30 Day Challenge!

 Slimming Legs With Cracks: 30 Day Challenge!

Tighten your calves, tighten your thighs and tighten your butt muscles: The lunge exercise is an effective muscle-building exercise to improve your legs. To get results on your body and slim your lower body, accept our 30 day lunge challenge!

Thighs, calves and buttocks: the benefits of lunges on the lower body

Lunges are well-known exercises for athletes, and are very effective in tightening and slimming the legs. This movement works the entire muscle chain from the buttocks to the calf through the thighs.

For results, one solution: regularity and intensity! Gradually, over the days, we increase the number of lunges performed to burn calories and have a nice figure.

Incisions are also a good way to prevent cellulite and flatten the abdominal muscles because the abdominal girdle must be sheathed throughout the movement.

How to do the incisions correctly?

Stand straight with your legs hip-width apart. Put your hands on your hips.

Take a step in front of you with your left leg and, at the same momentum, bend your left leg and lower your right knee to the floor at the same time. Note that your left foot should align with your left knee.

Then come back up, to the starting position, and do the same movement by taking a step forward with the right leg and left knee toward the floor.

Good tip: Make sure your abs are well clamped during this exercise and keep your back straight by imagining a wire between the top of your head and the ceiling. Also, remember to hold a point in front of you to keep your head straight.

Refine Your Legs: 30 Day Lunges Challenge

Are you ready to take the 30 day challenge to get results on your body, especially your lower body?

To complete this workout routine and tone your upper body while working your lower body, you can add dips to work your triceps and tone your arms, embark on the challenge of toning your abs or add a little squat to your session. buttocks;

Openings: possible variants

There are different forms of lunges to improve your legs. To add a bit of difficulty, we can add weights in each hand. It will be difficult to control the descent in this way due to the extra load and the muscles will be more tense!

For this, we take a small bottle of water or a dumbbell in each hand, and perform classic lunges with weights on each side of the bust, arms extended.

Walking lunges: Instead of staying still, we perform a lunge by moving forward one step at a time

You can also perform "jumping lunges": This exercise allows you to work on cardio as well as strengthening the muscles. To do a lunge jump: You simply have to jump to change your legs during each lift.

Doing lunges in the gym

The classic lunge can be done on the floor at home or outdoors...but to add difficulty to your workout, you can do lunges, while in motion, on the treadmill! As a bonus, it will work on your balance.

Before you begin, set the treadmill to a comfortable pace and walk to increase the speed.

Then position yourself at the back of the mat, and perform a lunge: one step in front of you by bending your front leg, lower the back knee toward the mat (which isn't touching!).

Then stand in the starting position and switch your legs to do the same movement on the other side.

Once you feel comfortable, you can slightly increase the speed of the mat.

Lunges: 4 mistakes to avoid

Lean forward or back

Cross the front knee with the front toes

Keep your feet together in the starting position, and then it's hard to keep your balance!

The desire to perform lunges very quickly: it is better to take your time and perform the movement correctly ...


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