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Slimming: how to lose the buttocks?

 Slimming: how to lose the buttocks?

Dietary procedures, physical exercises, anti-cellulite massage ... The keys to losing buttocks are basically the same as when you aim to lose weight in general. It is just a matter of adapting it to the target area. instructions.

What diet should be followed to refine the buttocks?

In general, silhouettes of the "Orangina bottle" type (rather skinny bust, but larger buttocks, hips and thighs) are associated with an excessive intake of fats, sugars, and salt. The latter promotes water retention: The problem gets worse when the diet is very low in protein.

To lose buttocks, it is recommended to first reduce your consumption of fat. This mainly concerns saturated fats, which are found especially in deli meats and fried foods. Likewise, reduce your consumption of pastries and other highly sweet products.

Finally, against water retention, do not put too much salt in your dishes. Good idea: rely more on aromatic herbs and spices to pick up your food. You can also voluntarily omit putting the salt shaker on the table: thus you will be less tempted to add salt ... Along with this procedure, it is often useful to

 consume more protein, as it helps to reduce water retention. Be careful, however, do not abuse red meat, because its excessive consumption can harm health. So it relies mainly on lean meat proteins (eg turkey and chicken) and fish. Also consider whole grains (such as brown rice) and legumes (such as beans, beans, and lentils), which are excellent sources of plant-based protein.

Stop snacking!

Bad news, stress stroke: Many of us fall in love with a piece of chocolate to calm us down. Sadly, there's nothing like early nibbling to spoil our efforts to slim down... Suffice it to say that it's best to put this bad habit in the closet when you want to lose your buttocks. If you're feeling nervous, try chewing sugarless gum to calm yourself. Another tip to prevent biting: Change your mind to a relaxing activity. You can have a good time with a friend for example or just take a nice hot bath ...

What sports should be preferred to slim the buttocks?

Certain sports activities are especially recommended for buttock loss, especially swimming and cycling. A few jogs can help, too, but if you're worried about losing motivation along the way, try a fun group activity like Zumba instead!

In addition, it should be noted that, in general, all water sports such as water sports or a water bike (this includes pedaling on a type of bicycle installed at the bottom of the pool) are recommended to improve the buttocks. They allow to gently fight cellulite and water retention, because it is much easier to perform movements under water. To train your lower body, you can also perform some pool lengths on your back, with your arms extended while holding the board. For maximum efficiency, you should go forward by kicking your legs, but without taking your knees out of the water.

Special measures against cellulite

To combat the settled cellulite in the buttocks, thighs and the famous "saddle bags", nothing like a manual eyelid-type massage. You can start with a professional massage at an institute and expand the benefits of sessions by practicing self-massage in your home ... Feel free to use a slimming cream, or even an anti-cellulite suction cup. The latter, easy to use, activates blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins from the body. Finally, in addition to this, also remember to regularly drink anti-cellulite infusions, such as artichoke, nettle tea or cherry stem infusion for example.


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