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Slimming, health: this is why it is better to eat foods in their solid form

 Slimming, health: this is why it is better to eat foods in their solid form

Saturate with vitamins and minerals, consume more fiber beneficial for transport, reduce the risk of snacking: our dietitian explains why it is best to eat food in its solid form.

satiety, fiber and vitamins: why is it better to eat an apple than a compote?

Whether it is for dessert at the end of a meal, as a snack in the morning or as a snack, it is better to eat an apple instead of a compote, for several reasons.

to reach the satiety threshold. Biting an apple makes it possible to reach satiety more quickly, because there is a chewing effort that lasts longer than eating a compote. Also, when we want to achieve this satiety by eating a compote, there is generally more than one apple in the portion, whereas if we take an apple for dessert or as a snack, we generally only eat one. With compote, the danger is consuming more sugar from the fruit, and more carbohydrates.

Watch out for fiber and blood sugar. In compote, the percentage of fiber is reduced compared to raw apples, and as a result, glycemia (blood sugar level) is less stable and we will tend to snack before the next meal ... In general, when processing the product (stewed apple, mashed potatoes) , for example), this increases the glycemic index (GI) of the food. However, to stay healthy, the goal is to consume foods that are low on the glycemic index.

Rich in vitamins and minerals. Finally, if you eat an apple after picking it, it will generally be richer in vitamins and minerals than compote that has been peeled, cooked, and generally stored before eating it.

Fruits and vegetables: juicing, good or bad idea?

When you drink a smoothie, you're not drinking one banana or one serving of fruit (that's 150 grams), it's generally at least 3 fruits, and these juicy drinks are generally served in large glasses. Thus, for the same reasons as with apple juice, we consume more "sugar" by eating juice. If the sugar isn't called "sucrose" (table sugar and added sugar, which is worse than the sugar naturally found in fruit), but

 "fructose," they're still carbohydrates. And carbohydrates, whatever they are, will have an effect on blood sugar: they quickly increase it and then cause it to decrease., which can be a reason for snacking, especially sweet products. Then it's a treadmill, sugar subtracts sugar...

Also note that drinking juice "carries" much less than biting off fruit: the reason is the lack of effort in chewing.

Keep the streak and lose weight: Chewing is essential

Consume solid foods instead of liquids, and chew them well: an added benefit to losing weight or keeping streaks in check.

Quite simply, because nibbling on an apple and finishing it will take much longer than swallowing a compote, juice or soup.

Histamine (a molecule found in our body that makes it possible to signal to the brain that it is necessary to stop eating) is released about 15 to 20 minutes after the start of chewing. Hence the concern not only to eat the foods sold, but also to eat slowly, calmly, focus and not "eat" without realizing the quantities.

These satiety signals suppress cravings for a while, but this depends on the quality/ingredients of the meal. Another reason to adopt a balanced and varied diet.

The danger, when one prefers liquid meals, is that more calories are consumed, and the feeling of fullness is more complicated.

Eating raw or cooked, with or without the peel... 4 tips to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables

To take advantage of all the benefits of fruits and vegetables, it would be best to eat them raw with their skin on and quickly after being picked! But we still have to take into account the pace of life of each of us.

Fresh or frozen?

For example, it is better to eat raw carrots in salads, which were bought the same morning from your organic farmer rather than frozen carrots.

However, if the carrots have been lying around for a whole week in your vegetable drawer, because you haven't had time to prepare them, then frozen carrots will be best: they are generally picked and frozen very quickly after harvest (choose the right brands) and will therefore contain more vitamins and minerals of fresh carrots that have been in the fridge for a week.

Eating the peel of fruits and vegetables

Eating the peel of fresh fruits and vegetables is a real plus, as it contains a lot of micronutrients that are beneficial to our health and our product line. If they are not organic fruits and vegetables, it is recommended in this case to peel them because they contain all the chemicals that the skin can contain.

The best vegetable cooking is...

Steam cooking retains most of the vitamins and minerals, as it is a gentle cooking process. But if you do not like steam cooking, it is better to eat vegetables cooked in the oven, in a frying pan or in a pan, or mashed, rather than eating vegetables at all! The food must still be totally fun, otherwise it won't be sustainable.

Diversify your diet and have fun!

The best is to switch to organic fruits and vegetables, alternating with raw and cooked, to keep the fun on the table: only raw dishes can be sad (and sometimes hard to digest!), boring and complicated when autumn and winter arrive. . The right balance could be one raw meal per serving: either fruit or vegetables. When you consume a lot of cooked vegetables in fall/winter, take advantage of spring and summer to increase your consumption of raw vegetables, if you tolerate them well on a digestive level!


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