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Slimming Cover: 20 Models Who Make The Silhouette Of Dreams

 Slimming Cover: 20 Models Who Make The Silhouette Of Dreams

Like any piece of underwear, a belt is a wardrobe essential. Zoom in on the most flattering models.

What is a slimming belt?

Ultra-modern and highly functional, the slimming wrap is a garment that adds beauty, refinement, sculpting and/or firming to your figure. It's generally made from a blend of nylon and elastane, latex or cotton, and has no seams so it remains invisible under clothing and closes like a bra, with hooks or tabs. Wearing a suit, panties, socks, or even high-waisted panties, can take many forms.

To choose it, nothing could be simpler. Some criteria have to be taken into account and you are done.

Thighs, buttocks, abdomen... which parts to target?

The main function of the sheath is to sculpt and flatter your shape, you should first start by targeting where you want to correct. Some people want to flatten their tummy, others make their hips, sculpt buttocks, or refine their thighs.

Flat stomach slimming belt: what level of support should you choose?

There are several levels of sustainability. We wouldn't necessarily choose, say, the same for an everyday slimming sheath, as the underwear we wear in the evening. On a daily basis, the ideal option is to choose a wrap with light support, the most comfortable. For special occasions, we can bet on a more significant backing and thus a thousand light shine in a sequined sheath dress.

Which material do you choose?

The jacket can be made from a blend of nylon, polyester and elastane, which are both resistant and comfortable materials. It can also be made of cotton. Highly resistant, easy to maintain. In order to remain invisible, whether they are made of nylon, polyester, elastane or cotton, they close with hooks or Velcro straps.

Slimming belt or sheathing pants: which size to choose?

It is also necessary to choose a casing of its size. Too big, they risk not having the expected effects on your figure, not attaching properly and floating, and too small, they risk hurting you and causing bulges. The best way to make sure you choose a belt that fits your size is to measure your stomach, hips, buttocks or thighs depending on which part(s) to correct.

How do you maintain a slimming sheath?

So that the sheath remains flexible at all times, washing it should not be neglected. In general, follow the instructions if they are mentioned. If the sheath is made of latex, it is best to wash it with lukewarm water and hand. Other than that, some sheaths are suitable for machine washing, the underwear program, or the gentle program in cold water. On the other hand, never use the dryer to dry the wrap and avoid spinning (even by hand). Dry it on a hanger outdoors.

Want to indulge yourself in falling for this piece of lingerie, a true staple in our wardrobe?


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