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Slimming: Can we eat fruits and vegetables at will to maintain streak?

 Slimming: Can we eat fruits and vegetables at will to maintain streak?

If we tend to put fruits and vegetables in the same basket, they are nevertheless quite different. To make them allies, not enemies in the context of a diet or food rebalancing, Florence De Le Roux, MD, RD, dietitian and author of the picture book L'anti-mythe alimentation, Éditions Albin Michel, enlightens us.

Fruits, allies fight a passion

Necessary for a balanced diet, fruit still contains a large amount of sugar. Although the sugars are not added or refined, these natural sugars still represent calories. In the case of a diet or a rebalancing of food, it is not recommended to take it "as desired", from morning to evening. Eating two or three portions of fruit a day is to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of these foods without overdoing them.

Fruit is not particularly preferred. We are talking about a portion that corresponds to, for example, ten cherries or two apricots, a banana or an apple ... In fact, the difference in sugar between these fruits is not noticeable enough to classify them and recommend one fruit rather than another. The right choice? Choose the fruit that makes you the happiest!

However, what might be interesting is regulating sugar intake between meals by eating fresh fruit as a snack. Anticipation, by offering fruit, reduces the risk of snacking associated with cravings during the morning, when approaching lunch for example.

Also, later in the day, when we're working, when we're busy with what we're doing, when the brain is required, but the body is much less, we tend to be less listening, reconnecting with your body at mealtimes. To avoid throwing yourself at the first foods you find in your fridge when you come home in the evening, nothing is better than eating a piece of fruit before leaving your workplace. Thus we reduce the quantities at the next meal, and take advantage of all the benefits of fresh fruit.

Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals with vegetables

Often, when you pay attention to your figure, you think that vegetables are part of the "light and low-calorie" foods, which you can eat without moderation.

In fact, vegetables are generally low-calorie foods, and they have the advantage of providing many minerals, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.

But we know that excesses, whatever they may be, are never good ... Vegetables, eaten in very large quantities can have a negative effect on the stomach. Vegetables "to taste" can already bloat the stomach, which gets used to such an amount eaten that it should be well filled at each meal. The message of satiety sent to the brain will be distorted, and we will be forcibly tempted to overeat.

Also, transits can suffer from excessive consumption of vegetables: they are rich in fiber, they can disrupt digestion and cause bloating.

It is enough to eat vegetables once a day, preferably in the evening. For lunch, focus on foods like starches, which will provide the fuel your body needs to last through the day.

Pleasure soup

Come winter, soup-based diets are tempting. But by eating only soup during the meal, we skip the stage, which is very important, which is chewing. As a result, you may not feel satisfied, want to refill yourself...and overeat.

Also, vegetables in soup form often lose some of their benefits.

If soup is only motivated by diet, this is not the right choice. However, if tasting soup is a pleasure for you, then there is no need to deprive yourself of it, while observing the quantities, so as not to fill your stomach too much.

Watch out for raw vegetables

Raw vegetables provide more vitamins and minerals than cooked vegetables, which suffered from vitamin loss during cooking. In addition to causing bloating in people whose crossing is sensitive, raw vegetables set another trap, not least for the line: they are often seasoned with vinaigrette!

In fact, vinaigrette contains a high amount of calories sometimes for some salad a dish of raw vegetables by itself has no calories, but it can quickly become so if you have a keen hand on the sauce that contains on her. accompanied.


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