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Slimming box: how to make the right choice without tearing?

 Slimming box: how to make the right choice without tearing?

Lose weight without the need to cook or shop, simply by receiving slimming dishes at home, admit that it is tempting! But are there only good surprises in the box?

Like J'aime, Régime Box, Kitchendiet, Dietbon,, Qilibri ... There are more and more slimming boxes that promise us the moon: easy weight loss! The principle: you get at home a week or a month of slimming meals in bags or trays. "Turnkey" is the reason for the success of this concept dedicated to simplifying our lives. Why not...if the nutritional programs offered are high quality, balanced and

 educational. However, this is not always the case, as experts of "60 million consumers" who examined the most popular slimming boxes on the market with number 1325, point out, on newsstands in September and October. Because with only 800, 1,000, or 1,200 calories on average per day, these programs leave us hungry. Like any restrictive diet, it will inevitably make you lose weight. But beware of the rebound effect afterward, when the client returns to her usual diet. Another black point: the pre-registration evaluation is sometimes "rudimentary", our colleagues believed, and is generally geared toward a program...even if our weight/height ratio is "normal".

Slimming Box: Check the quality of the dishes

Since 2018, the date of the magazine's first survey, "The nutritional quality of dishes has been improved," admits Marina Julian, the file's editor, health-damaging ultra-processed foods remain steady. Sure, today, some brands often display good Nutri-Score and good Yuka reviews or even offer recipes without additives or preservatives. But, according to the magazine, "There are natural preservatives like salt, sugar or certain vegetable juices, celery-based or broth based on chard, carrots, leeks... just put some in cooked dishes to be able to display 'no additives' on a packet that contains though." As for chocolate cookies, they can be sugar-free, but not without sweeteners or palm oil."

Slimming Box: Make sure you get a real workout

Nutrition training is one of the marketing arguments for slimming boxes. But before you get started, you should be well-acquainted with the type of support associated with the formula you are going to purchase. In fact, training varies with different brands and formulas. For example, the client may be offered a one-time telephone interview at the beginning of the program or a bi-monthly interview. As for the trainers, there are also, you have to be vigilant because they can be qualified dietitians or simply trained by the brand.

Slimming Box: Beware of Too Attractive Formulas

From one brand to another, the differences can be seen in the palette. So it is essential to check what you are buying and know that a low cost slimming box will be inferior in terms of quality. Between fresh produce and Chinese offering trays that are ready to reheat in the microwave, the price can vary from simple to triple! Not forgetting that, the more "low-cost" the meal is and consists of industrial

 food, the hungrier you will be afterwards... This is the door open to cracks that hamper efforts. So, a slimming box isn't necessarily a good deal either for the diet or the wallet. Also pay attention to the length of the contract. The price decreases if you stick to it for several months. But isn't it better to take the test for a month to see if the slimming box formula works for us? And be sure: even if you do not like to cook, you can eat healthy food without spending time in pans. Cooking fish fillets or chicken, brown rice and vegetables (even frozen) doesn't require you to be a good chef!


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