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Slimming: 20 Snacks With Less Than 100 Calories, To Snack Without Guilt!

 Slimming: 20 Snacks With Less Than 100 Calories, To Snack Without Guilt!

In the office, at home, or on a trip, to keep in line or lose weight, anticipation of snacks is highly recommended. Discover 20 snacks under 100 calories to eat without feeling guilty!

Losing weight without depriving yourself is possible...

Is it difficult to control food cravings during the morning or at snack time? Not snacking if you're hungry isn't the right solution: not only will you activate frustration mode, but there's a good chance you'll get revenge on your next meal, by dramatically increasing the quantities on your plate to be satisfied!

In order not to fall for sweets in between two meals and not to increase the number of calories eaten, there is only one solution: anticipate, and always offer a healthy, low-calorie snack.

Fresh or dried fruit: what's the difference?

As much as possible, it is best to prefer fresh fruit: if fiber and vitamins are still present, the sugar level is lower than in dried fruit, which may tend to have a higher glycemic index.

But keeping a box of dried fruit in your drawer (raisins, dried apricots, dates, etc.), which stays better than fresh fruit, remains an easy fix for a healthy snack. It is better to do without a few raisins than a chocolate bar, which has no nutritional value and will only invite you for a snack!

Food cravings: How do you cut down on snacking?

Staying hydrated throughout the day also helps reduce cravings for snacks. You can flavor the water if you wish, by adding slices of cucumber or lemon or a few mint leaves to the squash.

Finally, working on stress can be an effective way to reduce cravings for sweets or fatty products: feelings and snacks are often associated with ...


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