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Slim Buttocks: 5 Good Habits to Get Round Buttocks

 Slim Buttocks: 5 Good Habits to Get Round Buttocks

Get beautiful buttocks: many people want to achieve this goal. good news ! It is often enough to adopt a few good habits to find well-rounded buttocks. Here are 5 effective tips.

Work your butt muscles anywhere

Well rounded buttocks require minimal muscle strength. Fortunately, it is easy to strengthen the gluteus maximus or gluteal muscles: it is above all a matter of walking as much as possible. For example, you can avoid taking your car on short trips or getting off the bus two stops early to get home.

It is also highly recommended to climb stairs instead of using the elevator, ideally on the demi-pointe or by climbing the stairs two by two for maximum effect on the gluteal muscles.

Another idea: standing, tighten your buttocks firmly and hold the position for a few seconds before continuing with several faster contractions. This exercise is distinguished by the fact that it can be practiced anywhere: in a queue, in the bathroom, on public transport, etc.

Finally, as soon as possible, consider doing a few repetitions of the hip press at home, without equipment. This is a super effective butt-strengthening workout!

Do regular exercise that requires the lower body

When you want to get very solid buttocks, you immediately think of sessions of abdominal exercises and other gluteal exercises, but it is possible to engage in many sports activities, in particular running, swimming, dancing or even playing sports. Surfing ... Unless there are specific medical contraindications, just choose the one that gives you the most pleasure: if you do not feel any pleasure during the session, you risk frustration and give up very quickly.

Note: In addition to helping you get beautiful buttocks, the physical activity you choose will also help you maintain your streak.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Getting a beautiful butt also passes through food. What to avoid at all costs: excess saturated fat and sugar of course, but also salt, as it promotes water retention and cellulite ... In other words, it is better to limit as much as possible deli meats and dishes in sauce, chips, soft drinks, sweets and other commercial sweets. On the other hand, feel free to focus on the proteins necessary to maintain muscle mass: prefer fish and lean meats like turkey, for example. Also give prominence to fruits and vegetables known for their draining ability, such as pineapple, artichokes, and leeks, for example.

Another tip: to get nice round buttocks, it is better to bet on a regular healthy diet rather than a sequential diet for weight loss. Frequent diets are really harmful, especially if they are very harsh: between each diet the body forms reserves (which like to settle in the buttocks) in anticipation of a new period of scarcity ... This is the famous yo-yo effect .

Get enough water

To combat water retention and prevent the formation of watery cellulite on the buttocks and hips, you must moisturize yourself properly every day. Indeed, when you drink enough, the body does not need to keep water in storage: the excess water is thus eliminated ...

On average, it is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water per day. Also consider green tea, famous for its slimming properties: a diuretic and a fat burner, it has everything to help us keep the streak in check.

Adopt a buttock care routine

The main beauty treatment to get beautiful buttocks? Apply a moisturizer after bathing or showering, after spraying cold water on the buttocks to tighten them. Take advantage of applying the cream to massage the buttocks for a few minutes, to release the buttock muscles from the tensions of the day. Finally, to remove dead skin, feel free to exfoliate once a week...


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