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Shrimp, oysters, mussels... Seafood, from the lowest to the highest

 Shrimp, oysters, mussels... Seafood, from the lowest to the highest

Rich in trace elements, minerals and vitamins, but low in calories, seafood is excellent as part of a diet or balanced diet. Find out which seafood has the fewest and highest calories.

Good news for seafood lovers: In addition to being nutrient-dense, these iodine-fortified foods are low in calories. As part of a diet or when you want to monitor your streak, you can thus make allies for them!

We are full of nutrients

If you are watching your plate to lose a little weight, oysters and crustaceans are a very good option to avoid deficiencies.

They provide not only omega-3 fatty acids useful for the cardiovascular system, which promote weight loss, but these foods also provide a large amount of mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins.

Pay attention to the type of preparation

Seafood in general may be low in calories, but you still have to be careful to choose the right kind of preparation. In fact, Roman-style calamari, that is, squid fried in a sauté pan, contains much more calories than regular squid eaten with lemon juice.

Also, mussels in cream will be less suitable than mussels marinated with parsley and leeks as part of a diet.

As for shrimp, snails, sweets, we avoid covering them with classic too rich mayonnaise. Instead, choose a light mayonnaise, and replace the oil, for example, with 0% cottage cheese.


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