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Show a smooth texture all year round

 Show a smooth texture all year round

It's not just summer where women want to look their best and feel good about themselves. Effective cellulite removal thanks to a simple, effective and completely painless technique

Focus on cellulite

This phenomenon affects about 90% of women. This is due to various factors: water retention, hormonal imbalance, diet rich in sugar, etc. When fat cells (fat cells) swell and reach their storage capacity, they press on the fibrous parts. Added to this is poor blood circulation and the accumulation of toxins. This is how dimples appear. Good news, there are effective solutions to erase it gently and painlessly.

endermologie®, the ally of smoother, tighter skin

Developed over thirty years ago and used by health and beauty professionals, this 100% natural technology has proven to be effective in combating cellulite. Inspired by rolling palpation, the treatment head combines rotating plates and motors to deeply stimulate and mobilize tissues. This cutaneous gymnastics makes it possible to soften tissues, revive blood exchanges and drain excess fluid. At the same time, this treatment stimulates the natural elimination of sebum and tightens the skin to restore full color and a smoother appearance.

After 3 sessions, 67% of women noticed a smooth orange peel appearance (Dermascan study)

Enhancement Supplements

In addition to your endermologie® sessions, bet on medicinal herbs, the perfect supplement to restore a smooth texture! The LPG® Stop Orange Peel Day and Night treatment is the best ally to get rid of cellulite in 14 days. These sticks deactivate and dehydrate tissues and help burn fat thanks to the active ingredients such as watermelon juice or grape juice. The daytime formula is mixed with water and drunk in the morning. Enriched with guarana and black cherry to restore energy. The formula intended for the evening allows itself to melt on the tongue. It prevents the formation of new adipocytes and promotes relaxation thanks to lemon balm.


Calculate €20 for a 10-minute session dedicated to one area: puffiness, dark circles, forehead, mouth... Plan 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks for best results. To find the center closest to you, go to


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