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Shorts: What results can we really expect?

 Shorts: What results can we really expect?

Do you want to invest in sweat shorts to lose weight? This is the opinion of a nutritionist.

Have you ever heard of sweat shorts? It has been very fashionable for a few years now, to buy these special sportswear (at all prices...) online and in major stores such as Decathlon, Go Sport or Intersport.

What are sweat shorts?

Sweat shorts: not only! The first thing to know: If we talk a lot about sweat shorts, there are also sweat suits (which are similar to wetsuits: they cover the entire body, except for the head, hands and feet), sweat leggings, sweat pants, sweat belts, sweat bikers, sweat shorts. In short, the scope is broad!

Unlike most sportswear, sweatwear (shorts but not only) are made of non-breathable materials: neoprene, PVC, Lycra or polyamide, for example. It is also very tight for a "second skin" effect. Feature: Increasing body perspiration and facilitating the drainage of water, especially at the level of the lower body.

Sweat shorts: for slimming at the bottom. So sweat shorts are marketed with the goal of slimming: according to the manufacturers, wearing these clothes during a sports session will make it possible to improve the lower part more quickly - that is, the buttocks, hips, thighs, lower abdomen and waist.

Sweatwear is intended to be used at every fitness or bodybuilding session, perhaps under "classic" (jogging type) sportswear. In addition, some sweats can also be worn daily, invisible under clothing, to work your figure unnoticed.

Sweat shorts: take care of them. In practice: Manufacturers recommend choosing sweat shorts a little tighter (ie: a size smaller or half your size), in anticipation of your loss of volume and the inevitable loss of elasticity of the material. Anyway: buy in store so you can try on your sweat shorts - they should stay comfortable and not limit movement!

Finally, when washing your sweat shorts (ideally: after every gym session, of course), pay attention to the instructions on the label. In fact: the materials used in their design can lose their elasticity if they are not washed under the right conditions.

Sweat shorts: are they (really) effective for weight loss?

For Nathalie Négro, nutritionist and head of the Nutrition Center at Thermes de Brides-les-Bains, sweatpants are not concerned with losing weight: "These clothes do not lead to a loss of fat mass," the specialist defines.

Sure, if we weigh ourselves before and after a gym session with sweat shorts, we see weight loss: the problem is that it's water loss due to high body temperature. However, this water loss is not very long lasting (and thankfully!): Thanks to water ( When drinking), water reserves are replenished. Otherwise, we are in a state of dehydration and it is a serious health problem, "the nutritionist develops.

For Nathalie Négro, "Like the sauna and bath (two activities that also lead to excessive sweating), sweat shorts are not particularly helpful for weight loss." On the contrary: When you want to lose a few pounds, a dietitian recommends choosing cold instead of hot. "To maintain its temperature, the body will burn more calories at rest (this is basic metabolism), so this will contribute to weight loss." To take advantage of this little trick, Nathalie Négro advises us to slightly lower the temperature of our office or bedroom.

To lose weight permanently without jeopardizing your health, shorts are not a good solution. The best thing is to follow a varied and balanced diet (with fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables in all meals, good hydration, etc.) and regular physical activity (cycling, Nordic walking, hiking, fitness ... depending on your taste and health condition).


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