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Running: The perfect routine to burn more calories

 Running: The perfect routine to burn more calories

Running allows you to burn calories, improve your respiratory system, and also strengthen your muscles. Here is a program that everyone can adapt to their level, to start or improve.

You decide: you want to sculpt your silhouette and to achieve that, you choose running. good news ! Running is effective for building muscle and also for burning calories thus maintaining or regaining streak. But to do that, you have to know how to train! Mauloud Arjun is a sports coach who offers a simple and effective program.

Running: a program to burn as many calories as possible

Unlock joint - 5 minutes

Stand, bring the heel of the right foot for a few seconds toward the butt on the same side. Do the same with the left leg. Still standing with your legs apart, bend your right leg and extend your left leg behind you. Then reverse.

Warm-up - 5 minutes

Take a long brisk walk, 0-6 km/h, to increase your breathing capacity and prepare your muscles for the effort. Remember to breathe well and stand up straight while walking.

First booting session - 10 minutes

Stand straight, shoulders low, looking forward, start running at a moderate pace and open the rib cage. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, keeping the legs bent, arms along the body.

Split session - 10 minutes

Alternate one minute of running at a high pace, with one minute of recovery, or go back to your previous moderate pace. When you run, push yourself and give it your all during the "sharp moment".

Second running session - 10 minutes

Increasing the pace compared to the "moderate tempo" of the start, raise the step a little, without being in the red. The arms should follow the movement of the body. To make the exercise more difficult, you can go up and down the stairs.

Cool down - 5 minutes

Walk briskly again at 6 km/h, then gradually reduce the speed every minute. Consider adopting a deeper breath to help release tension and shoulders.

Stretching - 10 minutes

Standing, your legs shoulder width apart, take a deep breath, extend your arms to the sky, then exhale, releasing your arms. Standing, right heel over left knee, left leg bend to extend glutes, then turn back.

Running: Stay hydrated to surpass yourself

Hydration is very important and should be done throughout the exercise (about every 5 to 10 minutes) and even more after the effort to avoid aches and muscle cramps. Burning calories is good, but a healthy lifestyle (sleep and healthy diet) will allow you to be at your best and recover well after the session, and you will be able to progress!


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