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Riding the carbs: the new anti-diabetic diet

 Riding the carbs: the new anti-diabetic diet

Finally a solution for sugar addicts! To successfully get rid of the problem and lose volume, or even more so, there is now a frustration-free program that's similar to the "low-carb" (low-GI) diet but with a much easier version. Explanation and instructions.

This is the diet your sweet tooth has been waiting for! Of course, there are already sugar-free diets out there, and some of them are very effective, like ketogenic or low blood sugar, for example. The problem: Cutting out sugar drastically is as hard as giving up cigarettes overnight! The Carb Cycling Diet presents a new slimming opportunity for those who need to lose belly fat and who cannot do so because they cannot sweeten their 'love food'.

Carb cycling: what does that mean?

Carb cycling why this name? Carbohydrates means carbohydrates (= carbs = sugars), and cycling, because the principle of the diet is to alternate days with carbs (increased carbs per day) and days without (low carb day). According to the authors of the recently released book “Carb Cycling, the

 World’s Easiest Sugar-Free Diet”*, the interest is split into two parts: “This diet, at the same time, ensures weight loss without being aggressive to a body that does not feel the danger of withdrawal and therefore It does not rebel by preventing any weight loss, increasing energy, improving sleep, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, lowering risk of diabetes and lowering blood pressure.”

Carb cycling: the three main principles

The goal of Carb Cycling is to control the amount, rhythm and quality of carbohydrates. All while adapting his menus to his daily life, not the other way around. If you have a birthday party on the horizon, eat cake well, so it will be a 'high carb' day for you while the day before and the next will be 'low carb' days. Simply !

. Be aware of the carbohydrates you ingest. If the goal of Carb Cycling is to eat less sugar in general, you still need to get a clear idea of ​​what you're eating each day. Thanks to the tricks, you can easily divide your "consumption" by two.

. Eat carbohydrates every other day or only on the weekends or on a "cycle". It is up to everyone to choose the principle that suits them best. The low-carb days are: fish, eggs, meat, green vegetables, and very low-sugar fruits. Carbohydrate intake days: the same foods, but also root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, etc.), legumes (lentils, dried beans, peas, etc.), cereals and pseudocereals (rice, bread, muesli, quinoa, etc.), fruits (whole), seeds (chia...).

. Prioritize the quality of carbohydrates by favoring foods with a low glycemic index and low glycemic load. Advantage: These foods help control glycemia (blood sugar levels) thus avoiding hypoglycemia and the accompanying sugar cravings.

Does this diet appeal to you? Check out the reference book containing Carb Cycling basics in 42 questions and answers, 76 best foods, 120 recipes for low and small days, plus a 4-week program.


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