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Rice and pasta: do starchy foods make you fat?

 Rice and pasta: do starchy foods make you fat?

Rice and pasta... are these foods you should avoid when you pay attention to your streak? Anyway, we've all heard, here or there, that starchy foods make you fat. So, info or INTOX? The doctor replied.

Starches are an integral part of our diet, but it is not uncommon to hear that they should be banned or restricted to avoid weight gain. Is this assertion justified or should this information be taken into account? Dr. Jean-Michel Boris, an endocrinologist and diabetologist, sheds light on this topic.

Starchy foods, an anti-craving weapon

Starchy foods are one of the first sources of usable energy in the body, and therefore essential in our diet, and when consumed in reasonable quantities, starchy foods do not make you fat, because their calories are burned primarily through what we call basic metabolism, meaning energy Necessary to make our bodies work, to make the heart beat, to ensure digestion and the growth of hair or nails, to make the brain work, etc...

Starches are also a good weapon against cravings, and in this sense, they can help you lose weight or at least not gain weight. Ideally, it should account for a little more than half of the calories we eat. It is therefore essential to have it at every meal (always in reasonable amounts).

Eat starches and keep the streak: Knowledge bases

To fill in the benefits while avoiding the drawbacks of starchy foods, you should know a few rules: “First, you should consume an appropriate amount, i.e. between 150 grams and a maximum of 250 grams of cooked starches per serving (for If you want to control your weight, avoid combining Bread and starch in the same meal, and eat a large amount of raw or cooked vegetables before starchy foods.The pancreas secretes less insulin, which leads to less storage and thus weight gain.

Otherwise, prefer whole starchy foods (pasta, rice, etc.). In terms of cooking, I advise you not to overcook it, prefer for example dente pasta over fondant pasta.”

Thank you to Dr. Jean-Michel Boris, an endocrinologist and diabetologist in Paris.


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