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Quiche without cream: our advice is a light but delicious recipe

 Quiche without cream: our advice is a light but delicious recipe

Love quiches, but are looking for a way to brighten up your recipes? It is possible to choose a quiche without cream! How do you make a lower-calorie yet delicious recipe without this key ingredient? Dietitian Vanessa Bjah Haddad advises her.

Lauren with goat cheese, tuna and vegetables.. There are a thousand quiche recipes to satisfy all tastes and all tastes. While some components can be substituted, others are essential. One thinks in particular of the butter and flour that allow the preparation of the dough, or even the cream and eggs necessary for a quiche.

If these ingredients are tasty, some of them are especially high in calories. In general, quiche is considered a rich dish. “Puff pastry or short puff pastry contains fat and what is also called pancake batter: milk, eggs, fresh cream and cheese, not to mention the high-calorie fillings that are often added: olives, bits of bacon, sun-dried tomatoes or even salmon,” explains Vanessa Bejay Haddad, Dietitian.

Keishi: How do we skip the fresh cream?

Among the richest ingredients, we find in particular fresh cream, which contains no less than 269 calories per 100 grams. When you want to limit the fat content of a quiche, it is still possible to skip this ingredient. But how can you develop a recipe without cream that is both light and delicious?

Tip #1: Replace fresh cream with alternatives, which are "lighter creams, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, or the best vegan creams based on soy, oats, rice, and less fat, more digestible ones," suggests Vanessa Bedjay Haddad. She notes that this alternative "virtually does not change the taste of the quiche after cooking".

Delicious quiche recipe without cream

It is also possible to dispense with any cream. A dietitian offers a delicious recipe for a tomato and tuna quiche that does not contain this ingredient. "It will be delicious, light, easy to digest and your guests will only see the fire!" , notes Vanessa Bejai Haddad. To achieve this, you need:

  • 1 puff pastry
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 can of natural tuna
  • 50gm grated cheese
  • 3 eggs
  • 10 cl of semi-skimmed milk
  • salt pepper
  • mustard

To get started, roll out the puff pastry into a pie pan and spread it with the mustard. Spread the shredded tuna on the dough, then slice the tomatoes and arrange them on the tuna. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Then beat the eggs into an omelette and add the milk. Mix, salt, pepper and pour over the pie. Finally, bake for 35 minutes at 180 ° C. You can taste!

7 tips to lighten a quiche

If removing or substituting the cream is a good option to lighten the quiche, there are other tricks to cut back on calories. Vanessa Bejai Haddad gives her advice on how to make it happen.

Make homemade dough

A dietitian recommends preparing the dough yourself. "You can replace butter with 0% fat white cheese, or traditional dough with layered brick plates for a super-light result," she explains.

remove the cheese

It's possible to skip the cheese to lighten your quiche or at least "use it only in the appliance or as an appetizer, but not both," suggests Vanessa Bedjay Haddad.

add vegetables

Peppers, tomatoes, zucchini... For a low-fat quiche, bet on the veggies! “Incorporating as many vegetables as possible into the quiche brings more lightness and vitamins,” the dietitian points out.

Prefer fish over meat

“Fish or seafood quiche is more nutritionally interesting and lighter than meat quiche,” explains Vanessa Bejay Haddad. If you prefer meat, it is recommended that you choose lean meats such as beef that contains 5% fat, poultry, or even lean or lean cuts.

Make quiche without dough

Another possibility: choose a quiche without dough. The dietitian explains that there are many recipes without dough, but it is still recommended to add a little flour to bind the machine and ensure the consistency of the quiche.

Choose the right accompaniment

What about support? Quiche contains starches thanks to the dough and proteins thanks to eggs, milk, cheese and possibly fish or meat. “Vegetables are often lacking and if there are any in the recipe, it is not always enough. The perfect and easiest way is to accompany them with a delicious green salad,” advises Vanessa Pidjay Haddad.

Limited quantities

To reduce the calorie intake of quiches, they should not be consumed in excess. A dietitian advises choosing 1/6 quiche accompanied by a green salad, for example. She concluded: “It can go up to ¼ depending on the person’s size and appetite.”


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